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  1. dizzypanda

    Storage containers?

    hi geeks just wondering how you store your new nail files? and the aluminum foil sheets for gel polish removal? i want a perfect container to put them in. also a contanier for the manicure files, which are smaller. thank you ~<3
  2. dizzypanda

    Stickers and gel polish

    I did my friend's nails the other day using nfuoh gel Polish and some hello kitty nail stickers I had and after the 2nd color coat, cure, cleanse, stuck on sticker, some corners popped up... So I put some gel over it, cure put on more gel to smooth it out, top coat cure. Any suggestions on...
  3. dizzypanda

    Shellac with Irresistible Foils

    When I did this last year it didn't last 2 weeks. Only a couple days and it peeled!
  4. dizzypanda

    Gelish and tape?

    I wonder if there's a special tapes I Can use. I wanna do cutouts. Please help
  5. dizzypanda


    Where can I buy the glass paint? And what does it look like?
  6. dizzypanda

    Best holographic nail glitters, Christmas!

    They won't ship to the US. They look awesome btw!
  7. dizzypanda

    How to use CND Cuticle Away?

    i know this sounds weird but ever since i used cuticle away on my friend her wart on her thumb disappeared! lol she was like what r u using?? but not complaining nontheless
  8. dizzypanda

    Special limited edition Solar Oil

    i bought this in august but i havent found it anywhere else! im in ,love its not limited edition is it? if they have the pinkie sizes that would be <3
  9. dizzypanda

    Isopropyl alcohol, can I use anything else?

    well i use 91% ipa that i buy from the drugstore. its only 8% diff anyways and it works fine! i have used 99% and i didnt notice any difference other than the price lol.
  10. dizzypanda

    Comment by 'dizzypanda' in media '52538.jpg'

    WOW! how did you do this?
  11. my birthday nails

    my birthday nails

  12. dizzypanda


    Aww but some art you can only do with airbrush. I know it night not pay for itself anymore but I'm dying to do lace nails. Airbrushed on lace of course so you can use with any gel polish etc. No embedding! So geeg what model would you recommend a newbie tech like me? This one will be mostly for...
  13. dizzypanda

    Excessive drinking and nails

    I do believe drinking messes up your nails. I was at the club for my birthday and there were so many drinks I'm pretty sure I spilled it all over my hands. Anyways the next day I notice my shellac shrunk from the free edge. And were stained and yuck. They were also soft and not as shiny. I'm not...
  14. dizzypanda

    How is this done?

    the little sparkly things are glitter. i want to know about the "lace" and butterfly. thank for your answer though
  15. dizzypanda

    How is this done?

    I want to know so bad! Was it stamped on? If so what plate? Was it freehand? If so very impressive. Is it a sticker? Transfer? I'm at a loss. Please help me.
  16. dizzypanda

    Changing coloured acrylic on tips to clear acrylic?

    So what if the client had colored tips? Usually I soak off but on YouTube I saw someone clip it off and applied a new tip on. What would you do in that situation ?
  17. dizzypanda

    How is this created?

    I've never thought of that.
  18. dizzypanda

    How is this done?

    Hey geeks I've been wondering how this is done. I think that they did silver rockstar and then a jelly blue and then wiped spots out for the silver to poke through and hen drew the black leopard design .
  19. dizzypanda

    Double ended curette

    How do u clean it? I feel like the "cups" hold the cuticle particles and I have to use a toothpick to get it out