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  1. ris

    Simple French gel design

    Sharing a gel design. Although it's simple - just black translucent gel and yellow glitter - it looks stylish. And it's very practical, I think. One of my favourites. ) Hope you like it. ps) If you buff the surface you get the matted look. More elegant - I personally like it that way even...
  2. ris

    One stroke floral design

    As promised in this thread http://www.salongeek.com/nail-geek/138208-what-nerve.html here's how I paint the flowers that some of you liked. The design is a bit different bit (not only on the tip this time - French style) but the flowers and the colours are the same: for the darker flowers I...
  3. ris

    What a nerve?

    There was a thread here http://www.salongeek.com/nail-geek/137057-cant-stand-fuss-created-acrylic-nail-clients.html about people making fuss… What I’m going to write about is very similar to this...
  4. ris

    Wearable nailart

    Wearable, practical nailart. ) Just sharing, mostly. Don't need critique on sculpting, lendth etc.
  5. ris

    Some nail-art

    Hello! ;) I am just sharing, mostly, but I also want some oppinion on the nailart in the first place. Just started a new section at my site called 'top-style'. I've been thinking of putting interesting designs there that are also wearable to show people that nailart is ok and not always 'too...
  6. ris

    A nail condition

    Does anyone have any ideas about what this could be. I looked through available info on nails’ conditions and didn’t find anything that looked like this. The lady says first the proximal fold was swelled and then the nail plate started growing like this. As it is it appears to be growing out...
  7. ris

    My first acrylic nail..

    .. since training. It's been ages since I sculpted with L@P. Was very jittery again - scared that somehow it wouldn't stick or harden or something else terrible would happen... Just like with gels when first on my own. :green: But I want to offer both gels and acrylic now so I need to overcome...
  8. ris

    Artistic french

    Hello! :) This is an old job but I've neverthereless decided to post it to possibly get some oppinions from you on the art. And whether you think this design may be 'reserved' enough for everyday wear.
  9. ris

    Gel french - another 'bride' :)

    It’s a painted-on gel french (second attempt - I ordinarily use thick builder-type gel). The second pic here shows the art added. Would like comments on the french itself in the first place. But anything you think about the art is also welcome – whether you would choose a design like that...
  10. ris

    Gels - would suit a bride

    Decided to add some flourish to the ordinary french nails. The look turned out to be a bit bridal )). + Also sharing.
  11. ris

    Coloured gels

    Having a play with coloured gels :Love:. First attempt to do something on a real person. Never mind the shape: it was rebalance # X, practically NNOs already.
  12. ris

    sculpted gel french

    The opaque gel for the nail-bed is not 100 % opaque so I have to put some very fine glittering powder there for more camouflaging effect.
  13. ris

    A little mermaid (art)

    She looks clearer in reality and, sort of, stands out more against the background (a little pic in the corner is there to give an idea) - this is the best I can take with my camera. I hope you can still see the mermaid. ))
  14. ris

    A geisha

    A geisha, except that the eyes are too large, I guess )). First attempt to paint a person.
  15. ris

    One more

    One more set of nails. There is French underneath and a painted lily. What do you think? :confused:
  16. ris

    Nailart for summer?

    Hi, geeks! What do you think about the colours and the design? And any other comments, thks. :)
  17. ris

    My Spring nails :)

    I am practically a newbie here (only 1 post ages ago) so I would like to say hello to everybody once again. :) Would like to share my design with you. Any comments and critiques also welcome.:o
  18. ris

    Star Nail Permanent French UV gels

    Hi, everybody :)! Has anyone here tried Permanent French UV edgings that come in their Permanent French UV edging kit? If yes, please write whether you like it. Do you have to cure those edgings in the lamp? Can they be used for sculpted french? Thks in advance,