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  1. The Beauty Shed

    Can my Studio58 extensions be saved?

    I didn't come on here for some public slaying, I came on genuinely asking for help. As I said above, I have heard good things about your hair which is why I booked in to have it, so I am wondering why my hair has gone this way....any ideas Studio58? I'm going back to the salon tomorrow but I...
  2. The Beauty Shed

    Can my Studio58 extensions be saved?

    Ok, so back to the original question, can it be saved or am I doomed now it's already like this? I use pureology shampoo and conditioner which was always fine with the raccoon hair, I see no reason why it wouldn't be ok for Studio58 as it has no nasties in which I know to avoid. I'm going to...
  3. The Beauty Shed

    Can my Studio58 extensions be saved?

    I thought Studio58 hair was good though? Maybe not after all. I only got it cheaper as they were advertising for a model for a newly trained hair extensionist.
  4. The Beauty Shed

    Can my Studio58 extensions be saved?

    Yes I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago about them getting knotty, she asked if I was using the right shampoo etc and sold me the protein spray to help. It does help in untangling it but it doesn't stop it getting all matted in the first place. As for the hair, I saw her take the hair from the...
  5. The Beauty Shed

    Can my Studio58 extensions be saved?

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a lurker on the hair forum as I'm mainly nails but I am a trained hairdresser so I hope you don't mind me asking your advice. I used to have Racoon extensions for 2-3 years and got on with them really well. I stopped having them as I was off work after having my son...
  6. The Beauty Shed

    Been using Shellac since day 1 and only just stumbled across a problem...

    I will defo get in touch with S2 about it.
  7. The Beauty Shed

    Been using Shellac since day 1 and only just stumbled across a problem...

    Surely if it was something we were doing it wouldn't a) only just have started happening with my last 2 bottles and b) only be the top coat and not the base or colours when they are all stored, wiped and shaken in the same way!
  8. The Beauty Shed

    Been using Shellac since day 1 and only just stumbled across a problem...

    The last bottle of top coat I received started dripping as I was using it, I mean top coat actually dripping from up inside the lid as I was using it which meant blobs of top coat on my clients hands and my hands and on the table. I thought maybe it was just a dodgy bottle but it's now started...
  9. The Beauty Shed

    Magis Foil Wraps

    I completely forgot to reply to this post. They are fab, I've been using them a few weeks now and they are lots better than the old gel wraps from magis :-)
  10. The Beauty Shed

    DHA-Free Spray Tan Solutions

    If a tan was dha free does this mean it won't have that fake tan smell (which they all have to a certain degree....even the ones that claim they don't)? Or is that wishful thinking?
  11. The Beauty Shed

    Brisa gloss not very shiny

    Ooo, how come you need Brisa Gloss when using Shellac on Brisa? I have been doing it without the gloss layer.
  12. The Beauty Shed

    Gel nails-seeing natural free edge through

    You need to use an opaque pink to extend the nail beds. If you're using a sheer pink it's not going to hide anything.
  13. The Beauty Shed

    Why is it so hard to find......

    I have the CND one, can't believe they stopped selling it, it's fabulous!!!
  14. The Beauty Shed

    Clients buying Shellac!

    Just look on youtube and you'll see a large number of people doing tutorials using shellac and these are just a small minority of non-professionals using it! I don't for one second believe these people "will be back" to get a professional job.
  15. The Beauty Shed

    Graham HandsDown soak off gel wraps

    These do look really good, I'm waiting on the new design of the magis wraps but I may try these as well :)
  16. The Beauty Shed

    Sharing Leaflets....

    They don't look very professional printing them off yourself do they? Plus it costs lots more in ink. I actually think this site is quite expensive, try these in future Leaflet printing, business card printing and web site design in Kidderminster, Worcester and Stourport-On-Severn...
  17. The Beauty Shed

    Sharing Leaflets....

    My brother has offered to go halves with me on 5000 double sided leaflets because I was moaning at how much I spent last time and didn't get any calls. He has a transport company and his advert would be on the other side. Would you girls go for this? It will be lots cheaper for me BUT I...
  18. The Beauty Shed

    Leaflets leaflets leaflets

    Wish they worked for me......I've tried designing my own and have them professionally done, I delivered 1000 on 3 separate occassions to 3 separate areas, not one call!! :-((
  19. The Beauty Shed

    Magis Foil Wraps

    Just thought I'd let you all know that a new version of the magis foil wraps are coming out towards the end of the year. After speaking to one of the ladies at hq today I was told that they will have cotton pads in them (I don't like the rubbish sponges which leak when pressed) and hold more...
  20. The Beauty Shed

    Choosing a red from Shellac or Gelish.

    Definitely Wildfire :)