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  1. sknight

    Cross linking websites

    Anyone interested in exchanging links to your websites please let me know. My useful links page is outdated with sites that don't exist anymore. I would like to link to local or nail harmony related sites ideally but all others welcome.
  2. sknight

    The art of polishing and painting large thumb nails!!

    I love polishing nails but my only issue is very large thumbs. Do you have any tricks? When polishing finger nails its very fluid and easy to cover the nail but large areas are a hassle for me. Its mainly keeping the cuticle area tidy. How do you do it? Do you have a particular trick?
  3. sknight

    Lashes on a man.. it possible to do? Could you put enough on to look naturally thick without looking drag? I would love some just to enhance mine but dont want to look un natural. Can it be done?
  4. sknight

    Brow waxing on a man

    I want to have a brow wax but as I dont know anything can it be done so it really cleans up the brow without making me look like a drag queen? Sorry for the ignorance but I have no idea about this xxx
  5. sknight

    ~*~The Official X Factor 2009 Thread~*~

    I couldn't find it if we already have one! If we do then please merge. If not then here it is!!! Who watched and what do you think?
  6. sknight

    Is The X factor back soon?????

    Ok calm down......Breath.....I just read somewhere that the x factor is back on screen soon. Can this be true?? has it really been that long already since we suffered Egnog and kermit girl???
  7. sknight

    Did anyone watch Unloved last night?........

    .........I did and it really upset me. That poor little girl I wanted to cry. I have never been in care so can't relate but it's made me wonder how the hell any of those kids stand a chance. I am sure there are plenty of good care homes, foster carers etc but what about the others. It really...
  8. sknight

    Have you ever heard of Profile extreme nail system?

    I have had a number passed on to me today from a lady who owns a salon nearby. My client was telling her some nice things about me (bless her) and she said she was looking for someone to work in her salon as she is struggling to cope with all the work and home life too. She is a trainer as well...
  9. sknight

    How embarrassed were you?...

    .....I have just read tinkywinky's blog and it made me think about a great thread on "embarrassing salon stories" we all had so many to share, so I thought what other stories do we have, here is mine I used to work in an office and there was one girl who was a nightmare and drove us all mad...
  10. sknight

    How proud are you??????

    I am relatively new but for you more experienced techs, I was wondering how you feel about the techs you have seen here asking repetative Q's as we do and watch them grow into great nail techs through your help. How does it make you feel??
  11. sknight

    What is your favourite.........

    ........nail enhancement?? I personally love pink & whites, sculpted. A beautifully natural custom blend like the one in the CND video tutorial. So how about you?
  12. sknight

    DO you get lifting???

    Just wanted to ask, I used to have a big problem with lifting but have since fixed it however when it comes to rebalance I always have a tiny bit of lifting (very small that just need a little swipe to remove). My question is do any of you never have lifting? even just a little bit? I am only...
  13. sknight

    What was your hardest problem to overcome???

    Mine was lifting at the cuticle and sidewalls and now I converted to EzFlow I am struggling again. I thought I had that issue licked but I guess I need a 121 if I don't fix it soon. What was yours?
  14. sknight

    Which system are you more comfortable with and why?......

    I started with gel and thought it was great (which it is) then tried L&P and never thought I could do it as it looks so easy when a pro does it but I ended up with nails like mountains LOL however I carried on and the jigsaw started to piece together, now I love it. I would like to try Fibre...
  15. sknight

    Film Club....

    ....I was looking through the thread last night and was reading about the book club. I wanted to join from day 1 but I knew I would not be able to commit to reading the books frequently. Anyway I had an idea, what about a film club? It's so much quicker to watch a movie in your spare time. I...
  16. sknight

    Who watched "Boys & Girls Alone" & was shocked??

    I cannot believe this program!! Kids bullying each other. Did anyone else see future criminals?? I did! What a disgrace.
  17. sknight

    Does anyone watch America's Next Top Model?

    It starts tonight and look like it will be great!!!
  18. sknight

    ~*~The Official Celebrity Big Brother Thread~*~

    Ok so who is desperate to see who goes in??? I am and can't wait for Friday!!
  19. sknight

    Gallery for my website ahhhh!!!!

    can someone please help me. I am trying to put this gallery on my website but it just shows as a link:eek:. Who can help???
  20. sknight

    Who had the worst weather?...

    ....Post your pics and let see who has the best snowman!!LOL