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  1. kellyuk

    To all Salon owners - employers :)

    Hello all, Just wanted to ask all those that employ nail techs what specific qualifications you look for ? Does the qaulification NEED to be something like creative ? would you employ someone like me that did the training in college ? The thing is Im applying for a nail tech, although the...
  2. kellyuk

    Help brassy roots

    Hi peeps just need a bit of advice pleaseeeeee. So the problem is I have done a clients hair today full head colour. Base colour is a dark brown. Previously she has had a full head bleach and has left her roots black. I used a 12/1 plat blonde permanant colour by koleston wella, using 12%...
  3. kellyuk

    Setting up own business

    Hello all, Just wanted to ask without sounding too nosy, how much realisticly does it cost to set up your own business ? Im wanting to set up a nail shop and eventually turn it into an Hair/Nail salon, but have not got any finance behind me, if I was to do this I would need to apply for...
  4. kellyuk

    Help with client hair tomorrow plzzzzz

    Hi geeks hope you all had a great xmas, happy new year to all of you :green: Ok now for my question.... I have a new client im seeing tomorrow, she has blonde hair (which looks like she has it bleached full head) When i asked her if she knew what the colour make was previously used on her...
  5. kellyuk

    Wella strate

    Hi all im hoping to get a little info on the wella strate system. My mum is wanting me to use this on her hair tomorrow, ive already bought the stuff and have done a strand test ( which is fine) The problem im having is Im afraid to use this on her, has she had a few bleached highlights...
  6. kellyuk

    Bleached highlights - Need help fast pleaseeeeee

    Ok so Ive just given my partner bleached highlights, only her hair has gone ORANGE, Im not sure why this has happened but it also has a pinky tinge to the ends of her hair, I desparetly need to correct this, im wanting to know if i will need to re-pig her hair, or just put a block colour on and...
  7. kellyuk

    Hair cutting demo Videos ?

    Hi all, Im currently waiting to go back to college to complete my level 3, Ive obviously done my 2 years and am raring to do my last, however I have clients crying out for the inverted bob look. BUT im not quite sure on what to do, ive looked online for different demo videos, but cant find...
  8. kellyuk

    Hair went orangy gingery ? Help please

    Ok so please don't shout at me :cry: So my sister wnated somthing different doing to her hair. She wanted to go lighter, her natural base is between a 5/0 and 7/0 so I thought I could cover it with a 9/0 and 12% peroxide, after all ive done this at college before and never had any problems ...
  9. kellyuk

    Glitter Acrylic

    Hi all, long time no see, if you remember me lol. Ok so i have bought some glitter acrylic powder, Ive tried this out on one of my clients, but the problem I have is when I come to blend the acrylic it is removing the glitter, and leaving a chalky finish ? Can you explain to me how I use...
  10. kellyuk

    In need of advice Please fellow geeks

    Hugs all long time no write huh ? lol :) Well lifes been busy, pretty hectic really but not for the good reasons. Im not working at the moment and am at college studying hairdressing, I did my nvq in nails last year and passed, and all though im wanting to train with creative the monies are...
  11. kellyuk

    Rhinestone Help

  12. kellyuk

    Anyone Used ?

    Hugs all just wondered if anyone had heard or used NAIO products ? and what they are like ? :)
  13. kellyuk

    Did My wrap assessment at college.

    Hugs all, We did out wrap assesment at college today, and oh my was it painfull :sad: There was atleast 5 of us in pain, the pain was unbearable seriously was. It was a burning sensation on the nail plate which only happened after the last spray of activator was used? I did my assesment on a...
  14. kellyuk

    Treatment time and cost ? please help.

    Hugs ladies, i have some research to do for college and have to get at least 3 different times and prices for different systems, can you help please ? Ok i need time and cost for the systems below please :Love: Acrylic tip and overlay ? Acrylic natural nail and overlay ? Acrylic sculptured ...
  15. kellyuk

    Beauty Therapy / salon owners

    Hi everyone so I started college and have my first assignment well its a tester So I need atleast 2 salon owners help PLEASE if you could fill out this form and either reply or pm me I would so appreciate it It MAY bring more clients to you too ;) Name of salon address hours of...
  16. kellyuk

    What equipment to take when mobile

    Hi all just wondered if you take your own table and chairs/stools when you are mobile Any replies are welcomed thanks :lick:
  17. kellyuk

    Water Blisters ??

    Help Im dieased lol just recently ive noticed I've got little like water blisters in between my fingers and on the palm of my hands some are turning into little brown dots I havent a clue what it is and as far as I know I'm not using anything different that my hands are in contact with :rolleyes:
  18. kellyuk

    Rhinestone Help

    Hi all is there a special way of Applying/sticking rhinestones onto the nail ? i usually use a clear varnish to stick it but have found its not lasting long before its coming off. thanks in advance for replying :D
  19. kellyuk

    Creative Moxie monomer

    Hi all I recently bought some creative nail moxie acrylic monomer I recieved it this morning off of ebay but ive opened it and the smell of it nearly made me sick it was a real strong smell and PURPLE :| can anyone tell me if this is the real stuff please
  20. kellyuk

    Mixing different products

    Hi all just wondered if it would be possible for me to use A star nails acrylic liquid but a different product of powder ? thanks for replying :p