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  1. roseblanc

    Pedi Question

    Ok, so I got my pedi stuff in today and I'm wondering about something. My pedi slippers and toe seperators... can they be used with different clients if I clean and sanitize them in between uses or should each client have their own pair of slippers and toe seperators and never be shared...
  2. roseblanc

    Pedicures, Disinfectant Q.

    Hi Geeks, I have a quick question. I've finally decided (after months of contemplation and a number of lost potential clients, lol) that I'm going to start doing pedicures. My biggest question right now is what is the best cleaner / disinfectant for my foot bath to use after I've finished my...
  3. roseblanc

    So livid...

    Ok, so here's the deal. The other day I had a woman call me wanting an appointment for her and her friend. So, my clients came this morning, their appointment was for 9am... oooh, they were something else. 2 old ladies. By the time they get here, stop talking, fill out their consultation forms...
  4. roseblanc

    Intense Seal... Intense Pain in the Butt!!

    I've been using IBD's Intense Seal for a while now, and rarely have problems with it. However, for the past two weeks no matter WHAT I do (be it gel, acrylic, natural nails, nail polish or any form of art) the Intense Seal peels off in less than 24 hours!! I don't get it. I've never seen...
  5. roseblanc

    Almond Spa Manicure - Questions

    Morning Geeks, I'm planning on offering the CND Almond SpaManicure in my salon in a few weeks. I've watched the CND video, but I'm still left with a few questions. Silly as they may be. First (and obviously most important) is what is the average price range? What should I be charging...
  6. roseblanc

    Swine Flu

    With all this talk in the news lately about Swine Flu and how potentially deadly it seemingly is - I find myself nervous and a little apprehensive about having clients come to my home. Needless to say I'm not about to shut down my business over it (as there is no confirmed cases in Quebec yet)...
  7. roseblanc

    Swine Flu

  8. roseblanc

    Swine Flu

  9. roseblanc

    Swine Flu

  10. roseblanc

    Clients that smoke!

    Hi ladies, I need to vent a bit! I have a client that is a heavy smoker. She actually makes me stop my service every 20 mins or so, so that she can go outside and have a cigarette!!! Can you believe that!! It really bugs me because it takes me forever to finish with her because she's...
  11. roseblanc

    Pre-Designed Tips

    Hi Ladies, I'm looking to buy some pre-designed tips similar to the one below. I can't seem to find a good place to purchase any. If anyone knows of any places that have a wide selection, please let me know!! Thanks in advance!!
  12. roseblanc

    Frustrated: Client Lifting

    Morning Ladies, I need some advice. I have a new client who came to me last week - she explained to me that the old salons she went to - she used to always get lifting. Didn't matter what type of service she got, they always lifted within the first week, at the time she came to see me she...
  13. roseblanc

    Psoriasis - Quick question.

    Hi Ladies, I have a question. I'm getting married next summer and one of my bridesmaids has psosiasis on her nails. I want all my girls to have their nails done for the wedding (which I will do myself) - but I'm wondering about my friend who has psosiasis. I'm thinking of asking her to ask...
  14. roseblanc

    Bookkeeping for your salon

    I'm trying to find a very inexpensive (or free) computer software that I can use for bookkeeping for my salon. I just want something simple that keeps track of my customers, my income and expenses. All the free and trail version software that I've tried (QuickBooks, Free-Accounting, etc) are...
  15. roseblanc


    Ok, so today I had my first experience with PopIts and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! Although I admit I don't know much about them yet (and I'm most certainly not using them on clients yet) - I'm wondering whether or not theya re reusable? I tried them on myself today and by the looks of them I can...
  16. roseblanc

    Gel Colors - Quick Question

    Hi Geeks, Quick question - I have a client that has a nice gel color on her nails, she knows I have new colors in and she wants to try them out. In terms of pricing what should I charge? I'll have to buff off the other colored gel she current has on and replace it with whichever new color...
  17. roseblanc

    Parental Consent Form

    Hi Ladies, I'm in the midst of writing up a parental consent form for my clients who are underage, and I find myself at a loss. I'm not sure what to write or how to phrase myself. Any of you ladies have some suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  18. roseblanc

    IBD Users - Custom Blend

    Hi Ladies, I had a client this morning who has had an awful experience at another salon and her real nails look like stair cases. I want to create a nice custom blend that will help hide the damage done to her nail beds. Can any IBD users suggest a nice (natural looking) custom blend...
  19. roseblanc

    Gel Smile Lines

    Morning Ladies, I know there are MANY topics on this, so sorry if you have to hear about it all over again. I'm having insane difficulty lately with my smile lines when doing gel. I find they look faded and blended. I can never get a crisp smile line when I'm working with gel. I've even...
  20. roseblanc

    Nail Myths - FUN!

    Hi Girls, I'm writing up a pamphlet for my clients which will consist of F.A.Q's and nail myths. I want your girls help - what are some of the myths you've heard regarding nails and nail enhancements. Also have you heard any really insane and crazy myths?? I had a woman call me a few days...