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    Change from spray tan to manual?

    I currently use sienna x spray tan but it’s just making such a mess in my beauty room and I can’t keep up with cleaning all the orange off everywhere!! Thinking of changing to manual & offering it as a relaxing luxurious treatment in stead of a quick Spray & go. Price would obv Need to reflect...
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    What LED Lamp should I get?

    Hi folks looking for recommendations please - I have been using a UV lamp to cure Artistic Colour Gloss & Gelish Gel polish for the last year and need to upgrade to an LED lamp. Just finding the UV lamp so slow. Any particular LED lamps you would recommend? I would love to get the Harmony...
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    Sienna X 12% Solution?

    Hi geeks I have now been using Sienna X products & equipment for about 7 months. Love, love, love it - fab products & colour is amazing. Also they are a great Company to deal with. (would highly recomend to any considering them from training etc) I use a lot of 8% & 10% solution but have a...
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    Eye Lash Extensions help!

    Hey Geeks looking for a wee bit of advice please. I currently do eye lash extensions but I have a girl who has very fine lashes and not many of them & she has asked if I can do the party lashes to make hers look a bit thicker. What I'm wondering is - is there a different procedure to applying...
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    Swarovski Crystals - How to achieve this look

    Hellllooooo there I am doing a friends nails for a wedding. I have tried to attach a photo so if I have been successful this is the look I want to achieve with swarovski crystals. Never done crystals before- total newbie so please give me a step by step guide from start prep to end with a...
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    Swarovski crystals for nails

    Hey bling bling girlies out there - what size of Swarovski crystals should I get for finger nails - would I get a different size for toe nails? Also where is a good place to get them? Thanks :biggrin:
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    Swarovski crystals for nails

    Hey girlies hoping for some help - Swarovski crystals for fingers - what size would you recommend & toes, what size? So basically what am i looking for & Where is a good place to get them? Thanks