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    Pier Auge facial

    Does anyone do Pier Auge Facials or had one? I’m interested in stocking the brand but would like to know what their facial treatment routine is, I’m looking for something really relaxing and thorough for my clients, do the facials require steamers or hot towels? I can’t seem to find any info on...
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    Teachers - Media Make-Up

    Hi, does anyone teach VTCT Level 2 Media Make-Up or Level 3 make-Up Artistry? I'd like to pick your brians if you wouldn;t mind thanks in advance
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    Make-up application hygiene question

    When you trained in make-up how were you taught to apply eyeshadow hygienically? Work straight from the eyeshadow palette (with clean sterile brushes of course) or scrape the eyeshadow out onto a empty palette or tissue? I was taught the later but it seems so wasteful and I'm sure Make-Up...
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    Can someone explain whats the difference between 2d and 3d in terms of nail art?

    Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but I am learning nail art and have to produce 2d and 3d nail art designs - what sort of design would be classed as 2d and what design as 3d? :o
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    Mobile carry case/Make-up case on wheels

    Anyone recommend one, there are so many out there and some are really expensive. I want one where I can put all my make-up kit int the top case (I have alot!) and possible the 2nd case and then shellac equipment and lamp in the bottom. If I order one it will just be pot luck so thought I'd ask...
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    Other forums

    I love salongeek and read it all the time :) Do any of you use any other forums like this, are there any others for therapists that you know of?
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    VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up - is anyone doing this course?

    Hiya, Are any of you doing the VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Make-Up at the moment? I'd like to pick your brains if you are on this course if I could! Thanks in advance for any replys x
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    Any students done a Make-Up assignment or workbook?

    Hi I am after some help! I am in the middle of doing my teacher training and I have to put together a Make-Up assignment/work book. Does anyone have a assisgnment or workbook they have done? Could you tell me what the question was/workbook was? Obviously i don't need your work/answers just...
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    Shellac - difference between Mother of Pearl and Zillionare

    Hi, can someone tell me the difference between Mother of Pearl and Zillionare? I want to get one to really 'bling' up dark colours like Fedora and Rock Royalty over the christmas period but not sure which to go for or whats the difference between them? Also whats the new grey colour like...
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    Help with toning!

    Hi, I'm a Beauty Therapist not a hairdresser so have come into this forum to ask for your help please! I had my hair highlighted yesterday, its usually a base 4, I had bloned and copper bits put through and overall i like it, however there are a few bits, particuarlly on the top of my head...
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    How can I remove my false eyelashes myself?

    I had a set done last week and am finding them incredibly uncomfortable, there are clumps of glue and when I shut my eyes I can feel it. Its so uncomfortable now that i just want them off, I clearly don;t want to pick them off, is there anything I can use to dissolve the glue so they come off...
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    A quick question about Shellac Removal

    I had mine done at a salon last week to see what all the fuss is about - I now LOVE shellac. However I teach Beauty so need to take it off tonight ready for class tomorrow- I only have acetone here at home, can i soak my nails in this to remove it? Thanks x
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    Anyone in the Bristol area doing Shellac?

    Am looking for a good nail tech in Bristol that does Shellac nails? Can anyone recommend me to someone?
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    Hair extension courses and who is the best?

    could you point me in the direction of some websites where I can find out about doing hair extensions? Also what is the best brand/trainer
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    A1 Assessors Award - help!!!

    Hi there, I am just starting my assessors award. I have to write my statement and assessment plans - I'm really stuck as i don't understand the terminology. I saw my assessor last week for the 2nd time, but she really didn't help me at all as I still didn't understand how to write it? I...
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    Career/job choices - any ideas

    Hiya I'm looking for your ideas to help me out! I'm a lecturer and next week am going to look at different careers / career paths my hair students could go down once qualified, and get them to do some research. Can you think of any different careers/jobs or something a bit unusal that they...
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    Careers In beauty - Help!

    Hiya I'm looking for your ideas to help me out! I'm a lecturer and next week am going to look at different careers / career paths the therapists could go done once qualified, and get them to do some research. There are the obvious like - Therapist, working in a spa, Nail technician, make up...
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    Anyone recommend any good uniform websites? I want something really good quality and stylish. Have looked at inline and buttercups so far - thanks
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    Help from those that have recently left college

    Hiya, Did any of you have to attend Group Tutorials whilst at college? I'm a lecturer and am going to be taking the group tuorials. Just looking for some ideas, what sort of topics did you cover and what was enjoyable - or what did you hate! Any tips for ideas would be very much appreciated...
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    Help from those that have recently left college