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  1. dlc88

    Wowcher nail art..

    On wowcher atm is an offer.. £24.00 for a 2 hour nail art including flicks, dotting, marbling, application of gems and more. Saving £45.00 It is at Prestige Hair & Beauty in derby! Would anyone reccommend this?
  2. dlc88

    Brisa gel course

    Well im stuck now, As im wanting to do brisa gel now, Im not sure if i can just go onto S2 and now order the master kit or do i have to do the brisa course, Because also will i be able to get insurance if i just order the kit and practise on my clients my myself ( obv by telling them im learning...
  3. dlc88

    BeautyUK 2012??

    Hi all, Im thinking of going to the BeautyUK 2012 show, As anyone ever been to this before? Im hoping to see alot of nail products, Tips and info so if any of you has been, do you get all of this from there? Iv never been to a nail show, But this is the only one i can find. P.S as i have now...
  4. dlc88

    Buying NSI gel products

    I have just brought my NSI gel system products. But for rutyre reference does any of you know a good website / shop i can get it from too? I got it of there own website. Thankyou x
  5. dlc88

    Thick UV gel?

    Hello all, Im thining of changing my product's, Im using millienium at the moment, It is good, But too Runny for me. Iv been looking on the Net and saw the ( United Beauty - Star nails thickening gel ) that sounds pretty good. As anybody used this product? And if not do any know a good thick /...
  6. dlc88

    I'm trying to get back into doing nails again, but need a little help

    Hi all, When i was in college 2 years ago i was using the products IBD, And they are rubbish i personally think. I stopped doing nails as i fount that they were all falling off soon and not lasting. Iv now got the products Millenium, And I do the odd nails on my sister and friend But the nails...