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    Nail lamp recommendations

    I just want to correct your statement because I think it makes Bob and Alex's points. What you said was - "its just that as of yet everything has cured in my SUN..." What you really mean is "everything has hardened in my SUN." Gel hardens at about only 55% cured, while a proper cure is 95%. So...
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    Nail lamp recommendations

    You have said a number of things in this thread that are very troubling. I will address them all in this one post because I think your comments and my concerns are rooted in the question of what it means to be a nail professional. I offer this with the best of intentions and hope that you will...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    Let me address each of your points individually: 1. "I've said it before, I am a top tier researcher." No you are not, certainly not in the context of science. I find this infuriating because I have so much respect for the many researchers I do know and I know how hard they work. I may not be...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    It is not recommended by our governing bodies to use nail enhancements, including gel polish, on children. Full stop. As responsible nail techs, that should be our advice to the OP. But again, you are missing the point. It is already an established medical fact that a child's immune system is...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    Of course, it's a medical issue. The application of any substance to one's body is a medical issue. It's about how the body responds to substances and how substances impact the body. It's as much a medical issue as using nail enhancements on diabetics, or people with cancer, or numerous other...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    The fact that you didn't find this is troubling - But this is a medical issue, so if you can find me a single dermatologist or pediatrician who okays nail enhancements on children then I'll back off. But I have already discussed...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    I did not see your post, so I cannot respond to its accuracy, however, the nail manufacturers' association is VERY clear that nail enhancements are not appropriate for children. I've consulted both pediatricians and dermatologists and they were equally clear that nail enhancements, including gel...
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    Consent form for 12 year old

    This is not a good idea. Nail enhancements, including gel polish, on children is clearly against manufacturer's instructions. That means that your insurance won't cover you, no matter whose consent you have. It is not a good idea legally and it is a very bad idea medically. Most dermatologists...
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    DND gel?

    Oh no, here you go again making false claims about CND and against other brands. None of what you said is correct. Gelish, OPI, Artistic, IKON, Light Elegance, and many other brands have their own lamps created for their products; other brands cure properly (>95%). I really thought you'd gotten...
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    Burning sensation in lamp

    License is good for two years, and to renew it, you really just have to send in the form and fee.
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    Burning sensation in lamp

    Here it is state by state. Some states have little in the way of regulation, some have a lot, but few have much in the way of enforcement. For my state, Massachusetts, Manicurist-Type 3 license, you have to have a month long, 100 hours+ training program and pass a 90 minutes written exam...
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    Burning sensation in lamp

    Pay attention to absolutely everything that Trinity says! She has hit the nail on the head. It is good that you recognized the shortcomings in your training and sought guidance. You do need to quit until you have been properly trained and educated yourself about these products.
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    Burning sensation in lamp

    Well, that's the start of the problem. CND Shellac is not supposed to be used with other systems. What are you using to cure with? Are you a qualified salon professional?
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    Burning sensation in lamp

    Sounds like heat spike. What system are you using?
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    CND Shellac removal help

    Someone asks, and you deliver! I love having you back!!
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    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    This means you're giving up a part of the market and not just those who don't want gel, but those who use gel sometimes and polish others. Although gel is very popular, lots of people don't want it, and more don't want it on their toes since they perceive the benefit to be minimal (personally...
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    Positive Covid test

    I am so sorry to hear this, Trinity. It certainly sounds as if you did everything to avoid this, and it seems like you have caught it early. Hopefully, that will allow you to be observed, treated if necessary, and will not transmit it to others. I will keep a good thought for your quick...
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    Help, CND Creative Play coming off after 3 days

    Bubbling and peeling are sure signs of a problem with curing, so it is my guess that your lamp isn't curing properly or consistently. Using the proper CND lamp should fix that. As for the three fingers, I suspect that it is also a curing problem. Clients often "clench" the base of the lamp while...
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    Damaged nails?

    Generally speaking, pain is a signal to stop doing whatever causes the pain! It is hard to tell from here what is causing the pain - nails filed too thin, damaged cuticles, split nail, etc., but she should listen to the signal and give her nails a break. I would recommend at least eight weeks...
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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    I retired a few years ago and don't have to make the same decisions that so many of you do now. It is certainly difficult times and the uncertainty of each day and each news report makes it so much worse. So I see this as an insider and an outsider. I do think our industry will be revived, but...