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  1. Claire Olsen

    Feeling defeated

    Hello all! Really in need of some good advice! I’ve been doing hair for about 7 years now, and love every bit of it! My concern is when you get that one client who complains about everything you do and tells you “you should get rid of this stylist she’s worn out”. You really feel defeated in...
  2. Claire Olsen

    Koleston Perfect with Colour Touch

    I do that without a problem! I usually do the koleston on the roots than choose whatever glaze from color touch and apply where the base ends! Works seamlessly
  3. Claire Olsen

    Frizzy hair product recommendations?

    Have you heard of Aveda?
  4. Claire Olsen

    Root stretch, not getting the colour on the blonde

    I never really do it on dry hair because it’s easier to do on damp hair! When it’s dry the hair is going all directions when your trying to section, when the hair is damp you have a cleaner section which allows minimum mistakes!
  5. Claire Olsen


  6. Claire Olsen

    Root stretch, not getting the colour on the blonde

    Do you apply it on damp hair or dry?
  7. Claire Olsen

    Hair damage help?

    If anything to avoid overlapping put olaplex number 2 on the already blonded hair in the foil next to the bleach to prevent any expanding and overlapping!
  8. Claire Olsen

    Lady’s hair breaking off!

    Wow good to know! I’ve always just used it in the steps it was supposed to be!
  9. Claire Olsen

    Lady’s hair breaking off!

    No that’s not how you use the olaplex treatment! Usually number one is added into the bleach itself than the number two step is to help rebuild the bonds that are breaking down during the service of lightening. But her putting another color over and using Pantene is just making things worse. I...
  10. Claire Olsen

    Colour formula help

    Have you tried the illumina line in wella? They have a tone of cooler tones that give off a translucent look to them. If not than 5/1 maybe mixed with some 4/0 in color touch would do the trick if you feel like it’s too warm you could add the special mixes!
  11. Claire Olsen

    Colour formula help

    What color line do you usually use?
  12. Claire Olsen

    Student needing advice

    I agree with haircutz, I think cutting the hair is the best option if it’s as thin and damaged as you say!
  13. Claire Olsen

    Clueless colouring

    I agree with that! If not wanting to use 10/16 maybe just try cooler tones on the color touch side so it’s not so much upkeep!
  14. Claire Olsen

    Dark brown to magenta red help please!

    It wasn't a formula I said detox it and have it light enough to put the color on. Last time I checked I didn't give her exact advice or formula..
  15. Claire Olsen

    Dark brown to magenta red help please!

    By saying she needs to detox it? Didn't know that was giving advice on how to do it..? [emoji23]
  16. Claire Olsen

    Help with pale baby pink colour

    Pravana pastels don't last long but they are beautiful for the time being also the pink dream is wella and holds a bit longer but your roots are going to always come in? Can't really do much with that. Make sure your using cooler water to keep prevent fading!
  17. Claire Olsen

    Colouring blonde highlighted hair!

    Personally I like a darker root it tends to look better and last longer, preferably a level 4/5!
  18. Claire Olsen

    Thinning scissors?

    Love my Sam Villa scissors!
  19. Claire Olsen

    Balayage questions

    It all depends on what the client has right now. Usually I like to do the base and blend the bleach on the ends with it so it gives it a blended look. But depending on the client and how light she wants it, it might take 2 times.
  20. Claire Olsen

    Bleach highlights

    Maybe a purple shampoo?