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  1. Claire Olsen

    Feeling defeated

    Hello all! Really in need of some good advice! I’ve been doing hair for about 7 years now, and love every bit of it! My concern is when you get that one client who complains about everything you do and tells you “you should get rid of this stylist she’s worn out”. You really feel defeated in...
  2. Claire Olsen

    Help, oily face!

    I've always had extremely oily skin and I don't know about makeup or skin just a hair geek over here! I was curious to know what are the best products to use? Type of makeup, face wash, cleanser..? Anything! Thank you!
  3. Claire Olsen

    Gel nails keep peeling, why?

    I'm a hair geek but I was just curious to know about my nails so any help would be appreciated! I get my nails done every 2 weeks, I have acrylics. I always get gel nail polish on it (not sure which one) because I wash hair on occasions and I feel like it protects it more. They chip within the...
  4. Claire Olsen

    New trend "Oil Slick Color"

    Has anybody tried the new trend Oil Slick Color? How do you achieve this color? Curious to know what this trend exactly is!
  5. Claire Olsen

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    Would love to hear about everyone's family traditions and what they do for thanksgiving! I always make pudding pie and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade! What about you?
  6. Claire Olsen

    Horror stories!

    What's everyone's latest horror stories with their clients whether it be hair, skin, nails, tanning etc..? Curious about everyone's clients! Please share!
  7. Claire Olsen

    Notifications on lock screen

    I have an iPhone 6 and I get the notifications to my email. I would like to have it pop up on my lock screen I find that easier to look at everyone I'm talking to. Does anyone know how to do that?
  8. Claire Olsen

    Vibrant colors

    I started using Joyco color for vibrant colors because I felt that Pravana washed out the first time.. Anybody have some good recommendations for vibrant hair colors?