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    OPI Infinite Shine

    I was really excited about this product when I saw it but thought before I go ahead and buy it, I would come and see what everyone thinks. I am not reading good stuff which is a real shame, I was quite excited. I live in a hot country so the last thing I need is a polish that bubbles and goes on...
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    Mani/pedi course in the Brackley area?

    Hi guys. I wonder if anyone can help? My sister wants to do a manicure and pedicure course and she is finding it hard to find one on google. She thinks her only option is a long distance course but I said that is not the best way and i would ask on here. She lives in the Brackley near Oxford. If...
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    Can you help me decided on the top 10 OPI summer colours?

    Hi. I am looking to buy at least another 10 colours for my OPI collection. Most of mine are pink and red but I live in Ibiza so want some really cool summer colours. I have used the chart but the last time I did this , all the colours looked much different once I got them. It is hard being away...
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    Super lightweight massage bed

    Hi I am looking to invest in one of the super lightweight beds. They weigh about 7 kilos and cost about £500-£700 but I don't know where to look for it. I have googled and the only ones that are coming up are the really narrow 11 kilo beds. Has anyone purchased one or have a link please? Thank you
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    Collistar new gel polish?

    Hi. I have just had a client who uses the new Collistar gel polish and wondered if anyone had used it? The polish I took off was still really shiny and she had had it on for two weeks. I was thinking of buying some but not sure who sells it? Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance
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    What OPI colours are you buying for this summer?

    Hi everyone. I would really like some suggestion on the top OPI colours for this year please. There are just so many to choose from! Are a lot of people asking for glitter this year as there seems to be a lot? And obviously neon is back in big time. What have OPI got to offer in their bright...
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    How can I change wax or top up?

    HI I have just started using Perron Rigot hot wax. I have been using the euroblonde and only have a little left, not really enough to do a client with without the fear of running out but I have a sample bag of Cirepil Pure, can I add this to the euroblonde? I have ordered some more euroblonde...
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    What's your favourite OPI colour right now?

    Hi I am just about to order some new OPI colours and would like to know what your best sellers are and what people are wearing. Many thanks.
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    Has Coty buying out OPI made a difference?

    I wanted to know if Coty buying out OPI had made a difference in the market? Up until the other day when I read something on here about Estee lauder, Marie Kay and Avon have been found out for animal testing did I even know OPI had been bought out by Coty as someone left a message saying...
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    Intimate waxing course, London

    Hi I want to do an intimate waxing course as soon as possible and I am based in London. Any advise is much appreciated.
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    14 day manicure?

    I have just seen this 14 day manicure set on Groupon. I've never hear of them before, has anyone else and what do you think about them?
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    I've searched but can not find...

    Hi Geeks. I watched a really good video on a perfect nail paint on natural nails, I thought I saved it but I mustn't have. I have tried to find it in the search engine but can't find any videos about painting natural nails. I've put all sorts into the search engine but I don't think i'm using...
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    Who does insurance for outside of the uk?

    Hi fellow geeks. I am looking to get insurance but most of my work is outside of the uk. I am a mobile therapist who does mainely massage, manicures and pedicures. My friend who is German wants me to find out if she can get the same insurance as me, she just does massage? Many thanks in...
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    Are some nails unsuitable for Shellac?

    Hi. I had my first client who had just tried out Shellac on her nails. She still had it on her toes but had gone back to the salon to have it taken off her finger nails before coming on holiday to Ibiza. Her nails were not great, they were peeling and quite thin. I asked her if she had picked...
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    Who uses callus peels?

    Hi. I have had callus peels in my pedicure kit for a year now but I don't use them very often. I think I am stuck in a rut of just doing luxury pedicures, with a scrub, masque etc. What is your procedure when using a callus peel? You would still have to soak the feet to do the cutical work...
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    Whats the difference between using Bio sculpture gel and Shellac?

    Hi all nail techs. I don't know much about gel nails as I only do natural nails so this is why I want to find out about Shellac. So many people are talking about it. I don't really like doing enhancments (my friend does bio sculputer and let me do one on her but it wasnt for me) but if i'm...
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    CND products?

    I haven't posted much and didn't realise I posted this in skin Geek! So I am posting again in the right place.;) I am a qualified therapist but haven't train with CND and would like to use the nail fresh as so many people say it is great for cleaning up smile line's on french manicure. Is it...
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    Having to pee a lot after massage??

    Hi I gave my client a massage yesterday as she was aching from exercising a lot. She said she had been on a diet for 3 weeks but had only lost a pound, she was quite upset about this. She isn't a big lady and I told her she didn't really have much to loose and how muscle ways more than fat etc...
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    Mobile pedicure stools.

    Hi. I'm looking into buying a mobile pedicure stool as my back kills after a full day of doing them. At the moment I am sitting on a small stool and resting the clients leg on a taller stool or just in my lap. I'm not really sure of which one to go for though as I have never used one before. Any...
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    What tools do you use for a pedicure?

    Hi. I have done quite a few pedicure's this year and am sure there must be something out there to make life a bit easier. I bought some callus peels but don't always use them. I'm not a fan of a razor and nor are some of my clients, so im left with a foot file. A few of my clients say that...