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  1. Helward87

    Should I add tanning to my nail business?

    Hi ladies, Have also posted in nails re this but thought you guys could offer some good advice too :) I am considering offering tanning (or brows) along side my existing nails business. I dont work flat out as I have a slain job and 2 children bit is edinitely want to expand my business...
  2. Helward87

    Do you offer additional services?

    Hi all, I currently offer CND L&p, shellac, mani & pedi and am looking to offer an additional service. I do t want to offer lashes as its not a 'quick' service and the maintenance is quite costly, I dont think it will be popular with my clients. So I'm considering spray tanning, or brows...
  3. Helward87

    How do you explain your CND qualifications to salons?

    Hi geeks, Hoping some one can help!! I am currently Going through the process of renting a space in a hairdressers (so I'll be self employed). They've asked to see copies of my certs which I've happily provided but now they're questioning if it's nvq or vtct. I've explained to her that's is...
  4. Helward87

    Rent a chair nail desk - L&P, ventilation requirements?

    Hi geeks, Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I am going to be renting a table at my local tanning salon to offer nails. I am trained with CND in manicure, pedi, shellac and L&P and I have my own Insurance with ABT. Does the shop need to have specific ventilation...
  5. Helward87

    Swarovski Crystal Pixie UK

    Hi geeks, Does anyone know if and when any reputable websites/companies are going to be stocking this product in the UK?! I NEED some [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ TIA xx
  6. Helward87

    Mobile nail enhancements - anyone in Edgware?

    Hi geeks! Ive had a client contact me today who is looking For nail enhancements in Edgware. She is looking on behalf of her daughter, who has been taken ill and is now housebound so would need to be mobile. Please let me know if you can help and I will pass on the contact details Thanks...
  7. Helward87

    Nail technician looking for rent a chair option - NW London

    Hello, I Hope it's ok for me to post this in this section of the website :) I am a CND qualified Nail Technician looking for a part time, flexible rent a chair opportunity. I currently work as a mobile tech and cover Ruislip, Uxbridge, Northolt, Hayes and surrounds. I have completed all of my...
  8. Helward87

    Best ways of finding work?

    Hi geeks, I am still pretty new to the nail industry and as a beginner I wondered if anyone would offer any tips or pointers in the best way to find work on a 'rent a chair/desk' type agreement. I've looked on gumtree, but am pretty much at a loss of where to start and the best places to...
  9. Helward87

    Short acrylics vs long?

    Hi geeks, I have been doing nothing acrylics since August. I trained with CND and use the full CND retention+ system or the acrylink system. I'm getting a lot more confident with my application but in finding shorter acrylics more difficult than long ones. Do you have any tips or tricks for...
  10. Helward87

    Can someone please recommend YouTube video tutorials

    A good YouTube channel/ nail tech that does video tutorials on one stroke nail art - specifically for beginners or nothing to challenging to begin with? :) TIA
  11. Helward87

    Trouble with tips!

    Hi geeks, I qualified in l&p through CND in August. I have been doing a few peoples nails and am having trouble with the tips coming off. Sculpted ones stay on no problems but any that I do with tips come off within a matter of days sometimes??! I use retention+ l&p and I've tried nail diva...
  12. Helward87

    Full set on yourself, how long?

    Have a real hankering for some long elegant ballerina shape extensions but just don't think I have the patience to do it on my self (newbie). How long does it take you to do your own nails?! Xx
  13. Helward87

    How to do lashes mobile?

    Hey!! Hoping someone can shed some light for me :) I am currently a mobile nail technician, and I also have a small set up at home. I am hoping to books lash course very soon but am a bit unsure as to HOW you carry out the lash extension treatment?! Does the client lay down or sit?! If so do...
  14. Helward87

    Nail suggestions for website please?!

    Hi geeks, A good friend of mine is kindly building my website for me and will coming down at the end of the month to take some pics for the website. I need to do a few styles/designs that will look good and catch people's eye. Ideally I don't want to just have pics of ott blabbed out nails as...
  15. Helward87

    Vicky Rugg lash training?

    Anyone held trained with Vicky Rugg?! I have enquirer to the basic lash course as was recommended to me and wanted to see if anyone had any good feedback to help me make a decision?! Xxx
  16. Helward87

    New acrylic brush recommendation

    Hi geeks, So I've killed my 2nd CND size 8 brush now.... I've never been IN LOVE with it, I don't like the feel of the handle either do am looking for recommendations, similar or same size as the CND size 8.... I e heard good things about crystal nails brushes.... Can anyone share a link or...
  17. Helward87


    Hi geeks, Got an email this morning for entering Nailympia - I am a newbie and can only dream of being good enough one day to enter but wondered if any of our lovelies on here will be entering?! Xx
  18. Helward87

    Home salons - can you show me your client chair please?

    Struggling with what chair to get.... Have been advised don't get anything too comfy or client will slouch... What have you got and why was it a good option?! Thank you [emoji8][emoji8]
  19. Helward87

    CND Spa pedicure booking issues!

    Anyone else really want to book on to the CND spa pedicure course but can't? [emoji24] The issue being they are not taking bookings because it's costing them money... the kit alone is £200 but the class is advertised at £95+Vat. CND have stopped making the smaller course sized pots of the spa...
  20. Helward87

    AONT - recommended or unnecessary?

    So as the title suggests would any of you geeks say that joining the association of nail technicians is worthwhile or I'm better off saving my money?! Thanks xx