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  1. carrie123

    Tanning Mixed Race Skin

    Hi Everyone I have a spray tan booked in for tomorrow and she is a new client. She is mixed race and A) She has never had a spray tan before B) I have never spray tanned mixed race skin before Could anyone advise me how the tan will work out? I use Sienna X tanning solution and am a...
  2. carrie123

    Dermalogica account

    Hi everyone I am trying to buy some anti bac facial wash from Dermalogica (250ml). I usually buy it online at the Jersey Beauty company but they are out of stock and would like it before I go on holiday (I go on Thursday) Does anyone have a dermalogica account that would sell me a bottle...
  3. carrie123

    Sienna X Spray me Gorgeous BRONZER Machine

    Hi everyone Has anyone used the Sienna X Spray me Gorgeous BRONZER Machine? Any feedback on this machine would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone
  4. carrie123

    manicures and pedicures mobile

    Hi everyone Finally finished my exams and am now doing some practicing beauty treatments for friends and family. I am doing it mobile as this is what I plan to do. I just wondered what you all took with you to soak feet in when doing a pedicure? Do you all take foot spas? Do any of you...
  5. carrie123

    ITEC Beauty Specialist Exams

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone is doing their ITEC Beauty Specialist Exams soon and would be interested in swapping mock papers? I have mine in 2 weeks and need all the help I can get lol. xxx
  6. carrie123

    which wax

    what waxing make do you all use? Does anyone use the one from Sallys - (its called Salon Systems I think). Its just that I find my client is sticky after a wax when using either honey or creme wax (I use Creme more). But as Im a stilll in training I dont knwo if its me or if its rubbish wax...
  7. carrie123

    Salon Uniforms

    Hi everyone Just wondered where you all get your tunics from? XXX
  8. carrie123

    Tantrick Samples

    Hi everyone I know so many of you use Tantrick spray tan. Does anyone know who I need to contact to get some samples sent as I am thinking of changing to Tantrick from Sienna X. Or using both. I am happy with Sienna X but I have a few customers that feel the 8.5 is not deep enough and the...
  9. carrie123

    Huddersfield Technical College

    Hi everyone Has anyone done Nail Technology at Huddersfield Technical college? I am doing all my courses at White Rose, but am unable to do the nail course there as they only hold the course during the day. If anyone could give me any feedback on the course at Huddersfield Tec that would...
  10. carrie123

    waxing when moles are present

    Hi everyone I have an underarm wax booked for tonight and the client has moles under her arms. I know that you dont wax over them, last time I just tweezed the hairs from around them. Do I need to put vasline on the moles or anything? xxx
  11. carrie123


    Hi everyone I am still training in beauty, but have just started doing mobile spray tanning. Do I need to get some insurance for this? If so where do you all get your insurance from? x
  12. carrie123

    Spray Tan Advertsing

    Hi again everyone (I have a few questions today lol) I have had some postcards made up for spray tanning, just wondred where you found the best paces to put some. I have had a few people say leaflet drops are a waste of time so I wasnt going to bother doing that, what do you all think? x
  13. carrie123

    eye make up looks

    Hi Has anyone done a make up course that teaches you a lot about eye make up and achieving different looks for the eyes? I think I am ok with everything else to be honest and this is the only thing I am having problems with. Carrie
  14. carrie123

    Vertical or Horizontal

    Morning everyone Just wondered if you all have your tanning machines set on vertical or horizontal and why. xxx
  15. carrie123

    tanning light

    Does everyone think that thse clip on ights look suitable for tanning tents when taking them mobile? I was thinking of buying 2 of these but am not sure if they are suitable or not - what do you all think? xxx CLIP ON LAMP / LIGHT HOLDER VIVARIUM / LOFT etc NEW on eBay, also, Other Lighting...
  16. carrie123

    length of hairs for waxing

    Hi everyone Could someone please tell me what the shortest length hairs can be on an arm for waxing? Thanks xx
  17. carrie123

    Help please! Tinted eyebrows too dark

    At college tonight someone tinted my eyebrows and they are so dark!!! Please tell me there is a way to take the tint off! I have used peoxide on them neat but that has made no difference at all. x
  18. carrie123

    Art Deco make up course

    Has anyone done an art deco make up course? If so what are your thoughts on it and where did you do it? I am sure I have heard people say they have done it in Leeds but Art Deco are telling me to go to Liverpool which is not really convienient for me but I will go if there is no closer course...
  19. carrie123

    Chest Wax Client Cancelled

    Hi Everyone, Just as I was getting into chest waxing (had done 4 appointments now on the same client) but he has now cancelled all future appointments as he said it grew back too fast and it was itchy and spots appeared. I got him some tea tree body wash from body shop that did help with the...
  20. carrie123

    spray tan before holiday?

    Can you have a spray tan before you go on holiday? Will the pool or sun make it fade patchy? Can you still tan through a spray tan? I use Sienna x if anyone was wondering. Thanks for any advice. x