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  1. squidgernetball

    Chemical peel lines

    Hi if you want to PM me your email I can get some details sent to you x
  2. squidgernetball

    Massage length of time?

    I agree. As said, it may be for 2 different people. If not, I wouldn't do it. I think it's unrealistic. Vic x
  3. squidgernetball

    Plasma pen training and qualifications for medical personal

    Your insurance company are the ones who can answer this as can the trainers but be aware that trainers don't always tell you the full story. Do check you can get insurance before anything. Vic x
  4. squidgernetball

    RF machine?

    There should be some results if you use the search function. I use the Carlton Thermavisage for face and body and am very happy with it. A reasonable price and we've had great results. We're even looking at buying a second machine. Vic x
  5. squidgernetball

    Manicure & facial, which to do first?

    I always try and leave the best till last. I have gowns for clients to use so they can have a manicure and slip them off easily. Vic x
  6. squidgernetball

    Uniforms & shoes - help!

    Fit flop do some great flats with the fit flop sole. We tend to wear these x
  7. squidgernetball

    Renting out salon space

    It sounds like a good idea but your staff would become self employed and you would lose control over what they charge and when they work etc. Would they be happy for the change? Lots to consider Vic x
  8. squidgernetball

    Needle-less fillers

    Do it and let us all know [emoji23]
  9. squidgernetball

    Need advice about a new machine

    Not that at all. We don't really do body treatments, we are a salon specialising in skin treatments. We have it there if we need it, but as we're looking at buying a second Carlton one, I'm going to have a look at the face only one. Vic x
  10. squidgernetball

    Needle-less fillers

    There's been a lot about this on some of the Facebook groups. It uses pressure to push the products in, from what I can see, and can leave lots of bruising. Do lots of research x
  11. squidgernetball

    RF machine

    I don't know if you've used the search function on here, but I have recommended the Carlton machine. I use their Thermavisage which does RF and vacuum and gives good results. My one does body as well but I think they have brought a face one out. Vicki x
  12. squidgernetball

    LED mask

    Dermalux have brought out the Flex. Great price point and great company as well as a fab product x
  13. squidgernetball

    Caci or Comcit?

    CACI. Clients know the name and search for it. We have the Synergy but I wouldn't buy again. I'd just get a basic CACI personally. Vic x
  14. squidgernetball

    What’s a great regular treatment?

    Waxing. And I would train in intimate as well. Brazilian waxing is a great earner and you get a loyal clientele. Vic x
  15. squidgernetball

    Need advice about a new machine

    I use the Carlton Thermavisage but only use it on face and neck. Fab machine x
  16. squidgernetball


    I wouldn't. Too much going on for the skin x
  17. squidgernetball

    Facial & skincare course

    That's fine. I'm similar. Level 2 and some elements of level 3 plus electrical facials. That's plenty x
  18. squidgernetball

    Facial & skincare course

    What other qualifications have you got @Donnacatz? If your insurance company says you're insured, I would take it that you're good to go. Try and get anything in writing as most insurance companies will avoid a pay out if possible but if they say you're insured then that should be enough. Vic x
  19. squidgernetball

    Rosacea advice

    I would also recommend seeing a therapist specialising in skincare. Great skincare can make the world of difference and I'm afraid many doctors don't have a clue about skin. Have a look at what's available. We offer great treatments to actually treat rosacea. Vic x
  20. squidgernetball

    Employee leaving on maternity leave

    I use the NHF templates. You can adapt to a degree but they obviously still need to be legal. At least with them you're covered x