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    How do you sanitise your Pro Tip Clips?

    The website says to use barbicide wipes but they seem to be an American thing. I was wondering if Mundo disinfectant would work instead?.
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    Has anyone done the Lecente course recently?

    Can you remember what you got in your kit?. I can't find out what's in the kit online.
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    Spray tan contouring?

    Has anyone done a course in this? I've seen one on the Alan Howard website & im wondering if there's much call for it.
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    Swarovski crystals from Capital?

    Are they any good?.
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    Sally's are doing a really good offer on Gelish kits

    Led lamp plus some colours and prep for £xxxx plus vat. [no trade prices please]
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    VAT free at Sally's today

    Just in case you didn't get the email.
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    Maximist gun turning itself down?

    Twice its happened this week & it's really annoyed me. It literally just stops working. It's a "SprayMate".
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    Extractor fan?

    Where did you buy yours from?.
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    Collagen infused gloves Has anyone used these? How much would you add to a shellac mani/pedi?
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    What did you wear for your spray tanning training course?

    :oops: I'm thinking of buying a cheap black bikini in lieu of underwear on the day & planning on doing many workouts.
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    S2 Leeds Christmas event 14th November?

    Is anyone going?.
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    Am I overthinking my business plan? Nails

    I was thinking of not looking to rent a room until I'd qualified in l&p but then I see other techs doing shellac only then doing l&p afterwards. So now I'm thinking of doing core art & Lecente and then renting a room. I can do a nail tech level 2 course part time at college in Feb 2017 while...
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    What equipment should I buy to take to the Famous Names show?

    Is there a standard brand you all use? I'm new and don't want to look out of place amongst all the proper nail techs. I'll need to take my cnd led lamp, a heat source lamp & all the sundries. I was thinking of buying a Mundo bottle for cinnatize to make it more portable. I'm incredibly...
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    Where did you do your IBX training?

    I've done shellac with sweet squared but I want to offer IBX too. Thank you.
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    Rinsing off Cuticle Away?

    Do you use plain water or soap and water? I've just ordered the aluminium spray bottle off S2 but I'm not sure which is best.
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    Shellac chipping on French polish

    I did my mother in laws nails 9 days ago, three have chipped on the cream puff but not peeled. The previous time I did them she removed it with meths and now her nails are thin and have pseudo leukonychia, the shellac didn't go on great on the romantique layer. I did my nieces French the next...
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    Does Shellac damage nails or is it always poor removal or fake products?

    Twice now I've had relatives say they had shellac and it made their nails thin & peel. I do my mother in laws and nieces nails with no problems despite very different ages. Both of them have better nails now because of the solar oil and have bought some for daily use.
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    Which Creative Play colours for stamping are you going to buy?

    I'm thinking of getting a white, a black, a mid pink & a blue to start off. Should I be getting more brights like yellows and oranges instead though?.
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    Which is better-CND gel extensions or CND L&P?

    I can't decide which course to do next. I've done Shellac beginners but I want to offer extensions too.