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  1. Dolci_Dolittle

    Colour Advice

    Hi guys! Popping over from beauty as i'm wanting to go for a new look. Haven't had any colour on my hair now for around 3 years so its back to its natural colour but i feel it's a really flat boring colour. Wanting to go a kind of auburn colour but unsure if my hairdresser would need to...
  2. Dolci_Dolittle

    Colour Advice

  3. Dolci_Dolittle

    Intimate waxing with strip wax

    Hi guys. If you've read my blog you'll know that i'm closing my salon and will be starting working part time in another however - they do their brazilians and hollywoods using strip wax and all therapists are required to treatments in the same way. I trained with Kim so have been using...
  4. Dolci_Dolittle

    Account suspended

    Hi guys Looking for some advice... I've come in to the salon today to a letter from Dermalogica saying they've suspended my account as there's been no activity on it in 6months and that i'd need to reapply to have this reinstated along with a business growth order I don't do many facials in...
  5. Dolci_Dolittle

    Interview for Beauty Lecturer

    Hi guys! After sending my cv to 13 colleges across central Scotland I have an interview next Friday for a temporary position within the colleges supply pool but it's a start. They're aware I don't hold a teaching qualification and the vacancy on the college website said it was an advantage but...
  6. Dolci_Dolittle

    Can my jumper be saved?

    Morning geeks! Having a rather clumsy preggy morning and managed to spill wax all iber the front of my wooly jumper! :Scared: Is there anyway it can be salvaged??? Thanks xxx
  7. Dolci_Dolittle

    Advice re getting therapist in salon on % basis

    Good morning my lovely geeks! Looking for a wee bit of advice. Starting to have a bit of a mad freak out as to what I'll be doing with the salon once wee bubba's here - going to try work up to as close to due date as i can manage and limit time off to a minimum but that would be provided...
  8. Dolci_Dolittle

    Marketing Day help

    Hi guys! Have agreed to go to one of the big office buildings near my salon to do a marketing day. Will be there for 2 hours and will be taking pricelists, gift vouchers, nail stuff for doing demos and details of any special offers that I have/will have on between now and xmas. Just...
  9. Dolci_Dolittle

    How do you handle no shows?

    Hey Geeks! Needing some advise...over the last 2-3weeks i have lost about £200 due to no shows. I have it noted on my website,facebook etc that I require 24hrs notice and cancellation fees will be incurred but how can I enforce this when about 90% of these no shows were potential new clients...
  10. Dolci_Dolittle

    Becoming a college lecturer

    Hi Geeks! I'm hoping to go to uni in the next few years to get a teaching qualification in order to become a college lecturer. I've been having a look online and know that I'd need to do the TQFE (teacher qualification in further education course) and know what uni i'd need to apply but...
  11. Dolci_Dolittle

    Having to put up with the worst notice period ever!

    Hey Geeks! Need some advice. The bloggers will know that I am opening my own salon at the end of the month, things are going really well and couldn't be happier. Here's where things get tricky... I gave my landlord 4weeks notice on the 27th August so i could finish up on the 24th of...
  12. Dolci_Dolittle

    Website critique wanted

    Hi Geeks I'm opening a salon of my own and am trying to get my website sorted myself (after my cousin dragging the design of one for over a year!) I was wondering if you could take the take to have a wee look at my site and give me you opinions on it (good and bad - as i want to to look...
  13. Dolci_Dolittle

    Bad review re waxing - did i do the right thing?

    Hi guys Sorry for the long winded post but I'm after a bit of advice... I had a client in yesterday for a full leg wax and basic bikini. Her the growth was a bit on the short side but i soldiered on and any stray hairs that were left after the wax i tweezed them. The client had quite...
  14. Dolci_Dolittle

    Shellac base coat

    Hi guys! Wondering if you can help. Just received an order but have received Shellac Top Coat instead of the base coat I ordered :Scared: (have called sweet squared and arranged to return it) My question is...i have next to no base coat left and have a client booked in tomorrow. Is...
  15. Dolci_Dolittle

    What do you think of my website?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if you could give some critique on my website? My cousins been doing it for me (not up and running yet) and i've just emailed him a huge email of changes to be made and logos to be put in etc. Would just like you opinions on it. Thanks xxx
  16. Dolci_Dolittle

    How my should i rent a chair out for?

    Hi guys I'm looking into renting out a hair & beauty salon which has about 9 hair stations in it. I am wanting to rent about 5 of the chairs out but am quite stuck as to how much i should charge per week for the chair. I was thinking about £125 - £150 but not 100% sure. Any ideas...
  17. Dolci_Dolittle

    Help needed asap re glove

    I have a client coming in for a hollywood in just over an hour and was planning on pinching a pair of the vinyl gloves that the hairdressers had but they ran out this morning. My question is...are nitrile gloves ok to use? I'm not got my can so cant get up to salon services before hand but a...
  18. Dolci_Dolittle

    Best way to charge for course of treatments

    Hi Guys I'm hoping to get the Skinbase PAYG microdermabrasion in to the salon next month and aswell as doing individual microderm treatments i will be offering courses of the treatment aswell at a reduced rate but not too sure how to go about charging for the course :rolleyes: Should i...
  19. Dolci_Dolittle

    Dashing Diva lifting after a few days

    Hi guys Need some advice... I done a french manicure last week using dashing diva with shellac over it and most of the wraps have lifted off of the nail. This is the second time this has happened (first time just used with polish) I made sure that each wrap was secure on the nail before...
  20. Dolci_Dolittle

    Bring in more facial/body treatment clients

    Hi guys! Been renting my beauty room now for 7 weeks and am finding that very few clients book in for facials and body treatments. I love doing these treatments but not really getting the chance to do them so far I do special offers each month and 10% off on Saturdays and will be offering...