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  1. Shelley_d

    Beauty room wanted to rent Manchester or surrounding areas

    Hi. I'm looking for a beauty room and nails desk to rent in a busy hair salon in the South Manchester area or near by. The room must be large enough for a beauty bed, trolley, storage and spray tanning etc. I offer a full range of treatments including, LVL Enhance, Precision brows, CND™ Shellac...
  2. Shelley_d

    Creative Academy Manchester intimate waxing course

    Hi. Has anyone done this course at the Creative Academy Manchester yet? I want to book but would love some feed back. TIA. X
  3. Shelley_d

    CND nail tech Manchester

    Hi. I'm looking for a CND nail tech in the South Manchester area or close by. It's for myself and I would like someone salon based. X
  4. Shelley_d

    Facebook not showing all my posts!

    Hi. For about a week now my facebook business page has only been displaying the last to posts that I make. I have had a look at the settings etc but can't figure out what is going on. Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it? Shelley X
  5. Shelley_d

    A few questions about HD brows- kit, threading and working mobile

    Hi. I have a couple of questions about the HD brow course for people that have done the course. 1) How did you find learning the threading? 2) Is everything in the kit or will I need to add extras? 3) Do any of you offer this as a mobile service? 4) Did HD not take of the way...
  6. Shelley_d

    New beauty room not taking off, need advice

    Hi. I opened my beauty room in a gym just over 2 months ago and to say that its quiet is an understatement. I have done a flyer drop in the local area, have a roller banner in reception, facebook page, website, twitter, poster on the gyms notice bored and have an email sent out each month to...
  7. Shelley_d

    Best way to promote beauty room at a gym?

    Hi. I have recently opened a beauty room at new Gym and am finding it very quiet. I was hoping for some advice from other geeks who have rooms at Gyms and how you promote your room. So far I have handed out flyers round the Gym, the local houses, posters on the notice boards, sent out a mail...
  8. Shelley_d

    Beauty Express Vat free 13th & 14th

    Just seen on Facebook that Beauty Express will be VAT free on Monday & Tuesday- 13th & 14th August. I will be stocking up on PR waxes, I also need a wax trolley and beauty trolley for my new beauty room. With the S2 sale and now this sale, I think were going to be on bread and water for the next...
  9. Shelley_d

    Perron Rigot wax users

    Hi. I'm trying to work out the cost per service using Perron Rigot warm & hot wax with PR pre and after wax products for basic male and female waxing. I know that we can't talk about prices on the forum so if anyone can could pm that would be very much appreciated. Shelley X
  10. Shelley_d

    Back facials/cleansing

    Hi. I'm in the process of writing my treatment menu for my new beauty room and would like to offer back facials/cleansing. My question is would I just adapt my current facial treatment for the back or would I have to do a training course to offer a body treatment? Shelley X
  11. Shelley_d

    Popular treatments for gym/health club beauty salon?

    Hi. I'm opening a beauty room at a gym in a few weeks and was just wondering if any other geeks have a set up at a gym/health club and what do you find the most popular treatments are? Shelley X
  12. Shelley_d

    Space saving ideas for small beauty room

    Hi. I have the opportunity to rent a small beauty room in a health club. I have found a nail desk that looks ideal, the table part folds down when not in use and its not to expensive and I'm going to put in storage units at just above head hight for storage, I will use a small step to get to...
  13. Shelley_d

    Really confused, is the room mine or not!

    Hi. I have been looking for the ideal beauty room for months and a few weeks ago I looked at one and loved it, so made the owner a offer as he want's to profit share, not something I had considered before, he was happy with the offer and he asked me to email my price list over so as he could...
  14. Shelley_d

    Does anyone use Handepay card terminals?

    Hi. I'm moving in to a beauty room soon and have been looking at the various debit/credit card terminal companies, what a minefield. The one that is coming up with the best quote so far is Handepay-streamline, debit cards 15p, credit cards 1.5%, terminal rental £21.99p per month, that's for...
  15. Shelley_d

    LVL or Minx!

    Hi. I have a bit of a dilemma, I can't make my mind up about which of the above 2 treatments to train in next! Is anyone trained in both and how easy are they to master and which would you say is more popular? Shelley X
  16. Shelley_d

    Profit share questions- any advice appreciated

    Hi. I have found a beauty room in a busy hair salon and the person renting the room wants to profit share and for me to make him an offer. The room has a bed, sink, pedi chair and I can use the room next door for spray tanning, there is also a nail desk for me to use in down stairs in the salon...
  17. Shelley_d

    How long did it take you to find the right beauty room?

    Hi. I have been to look at several beauty rooms and to say I have highly disappointed is an understatement. I looked at one yesterday and it was disgusting, smelly, big damp patch on the ceiling, blocked sink and not very big, you also had to walk do a dirty corridor to get to the room, to top...
  18. Shelley_d

    A few airbrush questions

    I first saw airbrush make-up at the Manchester show back in October and really liked the idea of it and am now ready to go ahead and order some and I would like some advice, please :biggrin: I have looked at the Airbase Pro Package and that comes with training and it seems to include more...
  19. Shelley_d

    Mobile table/trolley/stand for portable steamer

    Hi. I'm trying to find a suitable table, trolley or stand for my portable steamer when I'm doing my mobile work, has any one got any ideas where I can find one that will fold down an fit in a car? Thanks, Shelley X :)