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  1. tashadilly

    Nail art with Gelish

    I see loooads of nail art done using Gelish. What kind of brushes would yoy use? I bought really basic brushes but they just seem to drag the Gelish and it looks horrible. Im ok doing simple designss with a dotting tool but rubbish apart from that! Help! Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek...
  2. tashadilly

    Gel brushes

    Looking to get a better quality brush for doing sculptured extensions with gels. I've been looking at Crystal Nails brushes as going to be trialling their gel. Any reviews on these? Or any suggestions for brushes I should look at?
  3. tashadilly

    Problem Gelish

    Hi Guys, I had one of my regular clients tonight for Gelish. One of her thumbs is proving to be problematic :( All of her nails were fine apart from her left thumb. When I was curing the gelish was wrinkling and when I applied top coat it didn't cure properly so when I went to cleanse...
  4. tashadilly

    Beauty couch

    I'm over from nails currently training in waxing and have just bought my beauty bed off of Ebay. (I was shocked as only ordered it last night from Manchester and I received it this morning... I live in the Highlands of Scotland.. WOW). Anyway, what are the musts that I need? I mean couch...
  5. tashadilly

    Business Cards, vouchers, etc?

    Im looking to have a revamp of my business cards since ive changed my mobile number. Id also like to have some gift vouchers & reward scheme cards printed. Ive looked on Moo & Vistaprint but is there anywhere else anyone would recommend? Thanks! Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  6. tashadilly

    Sculpted gel extensions?

    Hi Ive been using Bellissima clear gel to do sculptured extensions using forms however I find it very flexible and not as hard wearing as gels ive had used on myself when ive had my nails done. Out of curiosity what gel do you guys use when doing your extensions? I dont ever use tips so please...
  7. tashadilly

    CND Scrubfresh, d-Sperse, etc.

    Hey I work with Bellissima & Gelish at the moment and recently saw that I can use CND d-sperse to remove inhibition layer and d-solve to remove etc. So what I want to know is exactly what I will need to order... What do you use as a cleanser? Scrubfresh or d-sperse Removing inhibition layer...
  8. tashadilly

    Sculpted extensions?

    I've attatched a couple of pictures of extensions I have done. One was for training and did take me a while and the other 2 took me around 3 hours to do a full set!! :o Is this normal??? I don't have tip cutters yet so I literally have to file EVERYTHING. My technique is that I do one finger...
  9. tashadilly

    Client with thin, bendy nails

    I have just completed my gel skills and sculptures with Bellissima gel and had a client email me asking for regular appointments to strengthen and grow her nails. She came round for an appointment last night and her nails are very very thin and all different shapes and sizes. She says that...
  10. tashadilly

    Shellac & Bellissima

    Hello Geeks, Just wondering if anyone could help me a little. I understand that it is best to use the correct UV light for the product that you are using. I will be training in Bellissima gel but want to offer shellac as I already offer Vinylux. My only problem is that my nail enhancements...
  11. tashadilly

    Tips with Vinylux

    I had someone ask me if I could put tips on with vinylux. I haven't been trained to use gel yet nor sculpt so that's not an option. Can I use tips and buff them so no visible line then apply vinylux?
  12. tashadilly

    Vinylux peeled off

    I have just had a lady on the phone saying that her vinylux has come off her thumbs all in one sheet. I've noticed that on my own nails it doesn't last even a day on me I don't know what is wrong... At first I thought it was just my nails but now I'm worried because I don't want anyone else...
  13. tashadilly

    Guilded Pleasure & Serene Green - Vinylux

    I'm buying a few Vinylux polishes. Has anyone got the Serene Green & Guilded Pleasure. Do these two go well together - would it be good if i could do a ring finger in guilded pleasure and the rest in green? Thanks guys :) xx
  14. tashadilly

    Best chairs?

    Random but I need a chair.. lol Currently I have a wee stool which is so uncomfortable. I've looked online and everything is just so expensive unless i get a wee folding chair. Any suggestions guys? :irked: Thanks x
  15. tashadilly

    Vinylux charging

    Hi, I know there is a thread here about how much we should be charging for services and how to work this out but i'm a little stuck. Firstly I am rather new. I've completed my manicure training and after all of the reviews and advice on here i've decided to go ahead and purchase Vinylux. I...
  16. tashadilly

    Lots of questions - newbie!

    Hi, I'm super new to nails. Have completed my manicure course and due to complete my gel skills course on the 14th but I still have so many questions. I've been reading over threads here like there's no tomorrow as i've realised that not everything is going to run as smoothly as you're taught...