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  1. worthit


    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the use resin for their nails (e.g gel etc) some people have told me I can while others have told me I can't HELP please:rolleyes: Thanks in advance Kate:)
  2. worthit

    VistaPrint websites? is it viewed on google?

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of setting up a website with vistaprint as it looks soo easy:) that's the best thing about it lol!!! So I was wondering for those of you that have tried it already how long are you tied in for after the initial first months free trial? Is there anything we need...
  3. worthit

    Wax Residue? how to get it off?

    Hi All, I was just wondering about the bits of wax at the end of a treatment:rolleyes: how do you all get these off? do you use your strip to get every single bit of wax off or does it come off with the after wax cream? Thanks in advance for any help you have:) Kate x
  4. worthit

    Gel cracking at Apex at infils stage???

    Hi All, Just a question hope someone can help me, I've been doing nails for a while now not as long as you guys though and still coming accross things that I have no idea why they happen. I use Ibd and when I do the nails they seem fine to me all flush at the sidewalls not too thick...
  5. worthit

    Cancellations cancellations!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone:) Ok who's out there going through the same as me???:rolleyes: cancellations:grr::grr::grr: I've had enough!!!! I've had 3 this week soo far one for a wedding at the end of this month, and she seemed really pleased at the time but has text me to say she assured me it was nothing I...
  6. worthit

    Yellow Pages some advice please?

    Hi All, I posted a thread on here a couple of weeks ago to say I was having trouble with yellow pages well, I still am they printed my advert without my say so and now I don't feel liable to pay for an ad that to me is not what I agreed with them:rolleyes: so I went to a solicitor about it and...
  7. worthit

    Tint tooooo dark eyebrows

    Hi All, It's happened to me twice lateley and it's totally my fault but how do you get tint off when it's too dark:rolleyes: i read a thread on here recently and it said Vodka was good it didn't work for me:rolleyes: the other one was washing up liquid it didn't work for me :rolleyes: so has...
  8. worthit

    Pink and whites HELP!!!

    Hi Everyone, Can someone help me with my pink and whites (gel IBD) when I do the white part when it comes to filing, it comes off, is it me? I cure it and everything for the said 3 mins and then when it comes to shaping at the end it comes off? I even tried putting a slip layer of builder on...
  9. worthit

    No Shows is it me fed up!!!

    Hi All, I'm having a lot of trouble with no shows lately:rolleyes:and being mobile it aint easy I'm just getting really down about the whole thing of working for myself:cry: is it me? should I be taking deposits for all bookings that re-book such as infils etc? I was supposed to have a client...
  10. worthit

    Anybody know where to get info to make and sell own products??

    Hi Everyone:) Anyone know where I can get some info making own products? Any help and advice be welcomed:hug: Thanks Kate x
  11. worthit

    Yellow pages problem?? anyone else had problems??

    Hi all, I put my ad in last years yell pages plus yell .com and had no problems but this year:rolleyes: it's just been one nightmare after another are you ready for a bit of a novel:sad: Well, I had a new sales rep come to see me in say November to get things with my ad kick started I...
  12. worthit

    Client said that eyelash extensions came off next day how long do yours last????

    Hi all, I did a clients eyelash extensions last week and she phoned me today complaining that they all came off the next day?? just wondering how long their supposed to last surely washing face etc would make a difference to this:rolleyes: anybody have any hints like what glue is best etc...
  13. worthit

    Neon colours for the summer Love or Hate them????

    Hi Everyone, Who's loving the new Neon colours for summer? I know I do especially for the toes LUSH!!!:) What do you all think of them? Kate xx
  14. worthit

    Wedding cancelled whole booking for July would you give money back????

    Hi All, I had a booking for a wedding make-up she was having nails with me aswell this was for July the 12th she had her trial for make-up the other night, my mum does the hair so she came too but she's just text me today and she wants to cancel the whole lot:cry: she's paid me all of the...
  15. worthit

    Is it me???

    Hi Everyone, I'm having a real crisis at the moment with my biz, my confidence is an all time low I'v edone the leaflet dropping thing 2,000 to be precise only to have 2 phonecalls:rolleyes: I have quite a few enquirys as I am in yell pages and but I feel once I speak to them when...
  16. worthit

    Just wouldn't stick?

    Hi Everyone, I did a set of nails on Friday and had a real nightmare with them:cry: the set took me 3 hours:eek: as they just wouldn't stick I went through all my tips trying all shapes would file it try and stick it nothing:irked: eventually they did stick but i had done a set with same tips...
  17. worthit

    Anyone do IBD I need help with my application??

    Hi All, Anyone out there do IBD who can PM me what they do on their application as I am really confused now as to which way round it is e.g 1. Builder gel very thin layer 2. Thicker layer on apex dragging down to free edge 3. thin layer like (builder gel) polish application. Please please...
  18. worthit

    When clients phone is it the price they don't like?

    Hi All, I need your help I recently put my gel nails up to £35 pound french and then £40 for plain but for this increase I include cuticle oil and a pre dry manicure (many don't do this around by me). I had a client phone yesterday and went through all the options she had to have her new...
  19. worthit

    Sam Biddle at Cardiff anyone going?????

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone going to the workshop in Cardiff? It would be nice to meet some fellow geeks??:) I am really looking forward to going myself Kate xx
  20. worthit

    Agologie LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, I've just take on Agologie skin care and I love it and would highly recommend it if you wanna start up with something pretty reasonable as opposed to some companys that want 2k to start up Agologie, you don't have to do that and they have soooo much including some fab colours in...