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    Clinics Manchester area

    Anyone interested should please contact the OP directly by way of PM. Thank you.
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    Painless builder gel?

    What you experienced is known as a heat spike, which can happen when gel has been applied too thickly. This can occur with any gel.
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    Best disinfectant to use

    Sure, of course you can :)
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    CND Shellac secure storage

    Have a look at these on Amazon, but check out Fleabay as well.
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    Hair help

    Are you a qualified hair professional please?
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    Please create a new thread in the Skin forum with your question.

    Please create a new thread in the Skin forum with your question.
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    Nail scrubbing brush that can be disinfected?

    Alternatively, the NSI Plush Brush, is they’re still distributing them.
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    Best practice hand

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    Gel polish recommendations please

    Is that a confession then @Thebesttech ?
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    Halo top coat lid broken?

    Maybe you have a dodgy bottle? Have you contacted the distributor?
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    Bumpy and bubbling gel nails

    Welcome to Salon Geek. Please can I ask you confirm that you’re a qualified nail professional? Thank you.
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    What to call someone who does botox and lip fillers?

    An aesthetics prescriber?
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    Anti wrinkle prescribing

    Anyone interested should please contact the original poster direct. Thank you.
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    Hair extension suppliers

    A few existing threads to get you kick-started:
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    Try any of the following for quotations: Professional Beauty The Guild Salon Gold They’ll be able to advise what cover you need, based on the qualifications you have, and the relevant premiums payable. Are you offering gel nail services without an accredited gel course certificate?!
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    Keeping equipment sterile when mobile

    Barbicide or Mundo Rapid Tool Disinfectant for metal tools, similarly you can also buy nail file disinfectant sprays. Sanitising wipes or hand gel are an absolute must have, for yourself and clients.
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    Alibaba furniture

    I wouldn’t take the risk of buying such an integral part of your business from an overseas supplier, even if it does mean saving a whole heap of money. You may live to regret it if (a) it turns out to be poorly made or inferior quality, or (b) you could have trouble asking for a refund, or...
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    Acrylic nail kits

    Most of the major nail training providers will be able to offer courses, but do your research well and you’ll be sure to find something which suits your requirements and budget. Don’t be tempted by “one day” type courses though, they’re way too insufficient and there’s no way you can learn it...
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    Neon coral polish

    CND Electric Orange or Mambo Beat, both available in Vinylux or Tangerine Rush from their Creative Play range. Lobster Roll is another Vinylux option by the way.
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    Acrylic nail kits

    Please don’t be tempted to experiment with products and chemicals before you have actually commenced your training. Otherwise, not only will you pick up all sorts of bad habits, but you could also cause serious long term damage.