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    Business link

    Has any of you geeks been on a business link course? I went on 1 yesterday called search engine optimisation+it was AMAZING.. The best thing.. It was FREE! It was a but daunting walking into a room full of suited+booted with me in my leggings!! But I sharp got over that by imagining them all...
  2. salonworldwide

    Curls too long!

    Hi all, we did our 1st kids party today in the salon... Garra rufa fish,toe nails+ then hair curled.. We found curling 8 kids' hair takes too long! Any ideas what we can do to their hair that's quicker but still looks fab? Cheers geeks xx
  3. salonworldwide

    College certifcates.... 20 years ago!

    Hi, Does anyone know how i'll get my college hair+beauty certificates from 20 years ago!!! I can't even remember what examining board it was!!!! I tried ringing the college but they wanted to know the examining board. Thanks
  4. salonworldwide


    We currently use alessandro sculpting gel in our salon but unfortunately we cant get it in the u.k anymore. we have to get it from germany+it's a fortune! Have any of you used alessandro before? Can you recommend a sculpting gel just as good available in the u.k? thanks in advance rachel
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    Salon systems flexiwax

    Hi Geeks Has anyone used salon systems flexiwax? Is it as good as it says on the pot? Thanks Rachel