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  1. rebeccaj

    I Mixed Isopropyl Alcohol & Scrubfresh

    My 230ml Isopropyl alcohol table bottle only had about 30ml left in it, so this morning I topped it up, BUT I stupidly topped it with 200ml scrubfresh. I will ditch unless someone can assure me that the small quantity of I. Alcohol will not have any detrimental effect on the scrubfresh...
  2. rebeccaj

    Chu Jie soak off gel

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this soak off gel. Good bad or otherwise. I have had clients asking me about it as it has somehow made its way to our shores. It seems extremely cheap which concerns me, but I cant comment as I know nothing of it. Any comments appreciated...
  3. rebeccaj

    axium vs brisa gel

    I have just seen a demo of OPI axium coloured gels and was very impressed. So impressed with the ease of application and the colour range that am considering purchasing. However, I am CND user and am wondering if I should be buying Brisa bolds instead. (I am not really so keen on having to...
  4. rebeccaj

    All iPhone users that text

    Hi, I went to purchase an IPhone today but just couldn't manage the touch screen with my long nails, I kept hitting the wrong keys.. For all you iphone users, how do you find the touch screen, did you naturally take to it or did you get used to it 'eventually' ? I did so want this phone...
  5. rebeccaj

    Possibly MMA

    Hi everyone, I have spent the last hour doing a search on MMA but cant find what I am looking for. I have absolutely no experience of MMA. Im wondering if anyone can give some advice on the following question. I had a new client yesterday who had her nails done at a cheap NSS while on...
  6. rebeccaj

    Attention Invercargill Geeks (New Zealand)

    Are there any nail (or skin) geeks from Invercargill (NZ) that would like a bit of work, doing hand massage in a retail situation. Would most suit a newbie wanting exposure and experience. Just enquirying on behalf of an acquaintance. If you want more information please PM me. Thanks Rebecca
  7. rebeccaj

    polish wont dry

    Im not happy. 9.00pm tonight I decided to paint my toenails. and its now 1am, big toes are smudged and the others are still slightly tacky. Why do I always have so much trouble getting my toenail polish to dry? Applied sticky base coat, only 1 coat of CND polish (was prepared to forego 2nd...
  8. rebeccaj

    any geeks from Bristol

    Good evening everyone, actually its 1.00am here and as per usual I am sitting at my lap top catching up on any "nail" news. Was wondering if any of you guys and girls are from Bristol. I have a son who is heading off to UK on his big OE, (as us Kiwis tend to do). He is hoping to base...
  9. rebeccaj

    wide flat nails

    Im loving creatives "thin" welless performance tips which I find suitable for the majority of my clients. but.. I have a woman coming in next week who has very wide flat nails and I have previously sized performance tips on her nails and I dont think any amount of tailoring/upsizing is going to...
  10. rebeccaj

    nervous, first infill on other techs work

    Hi I am still building my client base (very slowly) and had a call today from a woman who is wanting a rebalance for enhancements she had done in a city two hours drive from here. She has been traveling to have her nails done (I guess you would call it a NSS) but has now decided she wants to...
  11. rebeccaj


    I want to say a big thanks to all those who post their photos for critique. I cant tell you how helpful I find them.. I scrutinise the nails and 9 times out of 10 they look absolutely perfect to my newly trained eyes. After reading comments both positive and negative I go back and look again...