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  1. loubilicious

    The good, the bad and the downright ugly! Customer service!

    As the title suggests really, what makes good and not so good customer service.....are our expectations sometimes too high? Do we speak as we'd like to be spoken to, or do we get cross with person on the other end of the phone, if we do speak to them in a "not so nice" manner, would we be the...
  2. loubilicious

    Looking for a CND geek in Plymouth

    Hi I have a friend in Plymouth. We've been chatting and she is having a bit of a problem with one of her nails which is split down the middle and isn't improving. I've suggested she has an overlay to grow it out. She normally has lovely natural nails so would only really need a repair to this...
  3. loubilicious

    CND Enhancement systems, timings?

    Ok Geeks, I need to dramatically cut my timings down and was wondering if you lovely geeks could give me a breakdown of how long each step takes when you are applying a new set and rebalancing with both L&P and Brisa, so I can see what I'm aiming for for each step, prep, application finishing...
  4. loubilicious

    Hive wax cartridge heater

    Hi geeks, I've just got a hive cartridge heater, could anyone advise me what number should I set it to? Thank you x Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
  5. loubilicious

    Female intimate ...... need practice and confidence!

    Hi geeks, well I had my intimate waxing training last Monday and did my 1st Hollywood unsupervised yesterday. It took me ages as I expected, Ia good friend kindly volunteered her bits and it was her 1st Hollywood too so she was rather jumpy. I felt I didn't do too bad apart from 1 strip on the...
  6. loubilicious

    Champagne tan?

    Hi, I have a friend for a tan next week, where she previously went the tan was called champagne. Could anyone advise me whose tan this is and what dha% it is so I can offer her the appropriate alternative. Thanks x Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
  7. loubilicious

    perron rigot roller waxing

    Hi geeks, from the limited feedback on my earlier thread asking about a tube waxing system it seems that it's not really what it's cracked up to be! As I use Perron Rigot waxes at the moment I think maybe I will go with that. I've searched though some earlier threads but would appreciate if...
  8. loubilicious

    Waxing, any feedback on ABC tube system?

    Hi geeks, I'd really like to cut down my time when waxing. I currently use a pot and spatula for all waxing services and use Peron Rigot wax (both strip and non-strip) I recently had my waxing done at a salon where they used the ABC tubes with the disposable applicator a client...
  9. loubilicious

    Eyelash tint remover

    Hi Geeks, I have come across a bit of a problem, I tinted my daughters lashes this eve, but as she is allergic to vaseline I used an alternative and hoped for the best....well she has ended up with a little staining and I don't have tint remover as I've never needed it. Is there anything else...
  10. loubilicious

    Regulations for posting nail polish etc.

    Hi, I've read various bits and bobs on here about not being allowed to send polishes through the post. Could anyone point me in the direction of regulations/guidelines for both within the UK and overseas...until I joined Salon Geek I was unaware that there were any regulations. It's for...
  11. loubilicious

    Sam Biddle DVDs.....any feedback please

    Hi, I've just come across these tonight and wondered if any of you have used them and what you thought of them, are they worth investing in? I'm thinking ahead to my birthday later in the year as hubby never knows what to buy me!!!
  12. loubilicious

    Using glitter

    Hi geeks, I'm wanting to have a go at glitter get a dense cover without affecting the integrity of the enhancement is there a recommended ratio of glitter to powder (I use CND) I assume I would mix it with clear powder then apply as normal. (p.s. I usually sculpt) If anyone has...
  13. loubilicious

    a question for geeks in Cyprus

    Hi, I noticed a few geeks in Cyprus posting earlier and am hoping you can help me. I'm looking to get 2 sofas reupholstered (in leather) for our apartment over there and wondered if any of you could get me any contact numbers/websites for me to get some quotes, or even better any...
  14. loubilicious

    Anyone going to Manchester Pro Beauty

    I'm heading to Manchester next Monday, anyone else going? Lou x
  15. loubilicious

    tinting lower lashes

    Hi there Geeks, I have a lady with very fair lashes, she is coming for her 2nd lash extension fill appointment and her lower lashes need tinting. Is there a way to do this without affecting the lash bond?? Thanks, Lou x
  16. loubilicious

    Pamper party - liability???

    Hi Geeks, Hoping someone can give me some advice. I'm part of a group organising a pamper night fundraiser with several therapists. Having been to one of these events previously I picked up on a few things notably the lack of client consultation and treatments such as spray tanning being...
  17. loubilicious

    Any caravanning geeks out there???

    Well my hubby has finally relented and we're going to look at a couple of caravans tomorrow........nothing fact quite the opposite. As cheap as possible!! For the past week I've been trawling Gumtree and Ebay trying to find something good at the right price and not too far...
  18. loubilicious

    Childrens parties, summer fayres etc.

    Hiya geeks, Well it's that time of year for school summer fayres and various other gala days etc. I'm just wondering how many of you go along to these and what kind of things you offer.......nail art, glitter tattoos, face painting etc? Also do you offer childrens party packages...
  19. loubilicious

    Learning Rebalancing?

    Hiya Geeks, I'm looking to book a one to one to leanr rebalancing.........given that I've not even been shown how to do a basic infill, how many hours should I book to start off? Thanks Lou xx
  20. loubilicious

    Minx "tips" with Shellac?

    Okay so I know this isn't how these products are meant to be used, but I'm in a bit of a tizzy. I have a friend coming this eve for minx toes and fingers.....both union flag.....the problem being that my I have only enough of the design to do her toes and perhaps tips or some other design using...