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  1. a little TLC

    Nailympia 2014

    A big thank you to all on here for the advice and encouragement along the way to becoming the winner of Gel Polish division one using CND Shellac. When I started my 4 year nail career Salon Geek was a huge source of information for me and still thanks again chicks xxx
  2. a little TLC

    Greenie, but it's black she is 91!

    Hi there, I know we don't diagnose as nail techs but would just like your opinion as to what you think this is... This is my 91 yes 91 year old client. She has Shellac every 3 weeks, last time she came in she had just a very faint line on two of her nails that looked like a pen mark. This...
  3. a little TLC

    Brisa...need some help - your top tips please

    Hi Geeks, I did my Brisa conversion a few weeks back and am struggling with french NNO as its coming away from the free edge, sometimes chipping and pining off! Did a set of tips and they were a complete disaster...the client thought they were fab but they didn't have much staying power...
  4. a little TLC

    Olympic nails by CND - what have you spotted?

    Am loving the Olympians nails done by CND educators at the Olympic park - the GB beach volley ball Teams nails looked fab What have you spotted?
  5. a little TLC

    Wish I was in The Sweet Shop, Leeds...

    ...and playing with Additives :sad:
  6. a little TLC

    Wish I was in The Sweet Shop, Leeds...

  7. a little TLC

    CND Look Book spring/summer 2012

    Just thought I'd share this amazing look from the CND Look Book
  8. a little TLC

    What's she using?

    A technician close to me is on holiday for 4 weeks and I have had a few of her clients coming to me for Bio Sculpture removal and reapplication... ...well, her clients nails are indeed done with Bio but they are stuck on like cement!!! What do you think she is using? I have used pure...
  9. a little TLC

    Minx not taken off in my up!!

    Hey ladies, I have spent lots of time and money on Minx in the past few months but it has not taken off very well in my area, so thinking of selling all my Minx equipment. I have done a fair number of toes and fingers and the results have been great and I love the professional look they...