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    Shellac pros please help!

    Shellacs not for nails in bad condition so don't be too hard on yourself. CND do shellac videos on YouTube & a written step by step guide on their website, Liverpool lashes does a good YouTube video too. It's practice.
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    St Tropez spray tan samples?

    They both do 75ml trial sizes for a price.
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    Shellac chipped!

    Not much you can do really, if she's not into aftercare or looking after them then what's the point in paying out to get it done?.
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    Client's nail enhancements falling off after 48 hours!

    CND do a product for lift prone clients called nail fresh.
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    CND Additives

    Pestle & mortar? Try grinding a tiny amount up.
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    Professional Beauty teeth whitening

    The home stuffs prohibited too. It was in the paper recently.
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    LA fast tan left on for 8 hours

    I did once. Very brown but very dry & I went a bit snake skin like on my ankles. I'm not planning to do it again. Don't they do drops?.
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    New spray machine needed

    I trained with the pro gun because they have a terrible reputation for breaking down. I've got a basic maxi mist from suntanas ex demo section, very happy with it.
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    Shellac colour for sparkle?

    It's limited edition. They might bring it back in time for Christmas like last year.
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    Shellac colour for sparkle?

    Grapefruit sparkles very pretty.
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    Shellac-sneaky peak?

    No, not seen that before. I like all the colours though.
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    What causes Shellac to lift?

    I don't believe it popped off either. I'd be interested in the condition of her nails when you see her.
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    LA fast tan

    I'm pale with very dark hair, I left fast tan on all night & it was very dark but not orange. My skin went very dry though. Everyone thought I'd been abroad.
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    What causes Shellac to lift?

    In this weather I'd suspect sunscreen. Cuticle left on, removing cuticle away with Scrubfresh not water, client using harsh chemicals at home,
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    Any way to save/strengthen my nails?

    Ibx is a uv cured nail repair and strengthener, it's salon only. You can't see it on the nail either.
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    Bookkeeping, internet or accountant?

    Is that because your business structure has changed or is it every self employed person? I'd heard hmrc wanted everyone submitting quarterly returns but I thought it was dropped.
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    Bookkeeping, internet or accountant?

    Spread sheets are fine as long as you're recording everything. I'd spend the money on a good accountant & insurance against tax investigation instead.
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    Self employed nail tech putting her own 'stamp' in the salon

    Can you put a screen around it for privacy? It would give her space on the inside to display posters, price lists etc?. Maybe order a decal for your side in your colours "nail techs name nail desk"
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    Shellac nails question re: cuticles

    I wouldn't feel comfortable not using it.
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    CND Shellac or Gel Bottle

    You can buy it with a manicure qualification, you'll need the matching lamp. S2 do a starter kit which works out really good value. There's YouTube videos from CND showing you the new 5 point application method.