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  1. HeatherDavis

    Please, read the thread BEFORE you post!

    Once upon a time I was a huge GEEK, and spent many waking hours on this website learning, sharing, and making new friends in web super space. I have become very busy in the last few years, making it hard for me to geek consistently, but I do lurk here and there and try to post when I can...
  2. HeatherDavis

    Want to REALLY know the difference between Shellac and the other guys?

    Shellac vs. Gel Polish - YouTube!
  3. HeatherDavis

    The UK has a new CND Education Ambassador!

    Hey all!!! I am sitting here in my hotel room in San Diego, tired as can be, but SO excited, and wanted to tell you that Jules AKA NAIL ACADEMY Is your newest UK CND Education Ambassador. Oh and BTW, she was also named THE BEST IN CLASS...
  4. HeatherDavis

    Strut Your Stuff - results are up!!!!

  5. HeatherDavis

    I finally MINXED!!!

    So I got my Minx nail coverings a while back, used one the wrong way, and then didnt have the nerve to pick them up again until I attended a class. Well I havent' had time to get my butt to a class, and ordered a bunch of different designs, and decided to just DO IT. A stylist i work with has...
  6. HeatherDavis

    Help Me Geeks!!!

    I am competing in a contest on You Tube called "Idol Search," in the mini version, for a top 10 spot in season 3 of this vocal competition. The top 10 contestants get guaranteed airplay on a show called Idol Radio show, which has had spots with a LOAD of contestants from American Idol, and a...
  7. HeatherDavis

    Cnd Videos!!!!

    Anybody else seen these yet? There are three, one demo for prep, one for sculpting, and one for CB. If you haven't seen them, GO SEE THEM! Tiffany and Roxanne make smile lines look ridiculously easy. It's completely unfair ;) xoxo Login - CND
  8. HeatherDavis

    I Am Macgyver

    SO I have this very funny story to share. For some of you that know me, you know that I have been trying to re-obtain my license to practice as a nail tech in my home state of Nevada- After being in Alaska for so long, I had let my license lapse (NEVER DO THAT BTW), and had to jump through a...
  9. HeatherDavis

    Who have we sent friend requests to?

    Is there somewhere I can view that, so that I don't repeat-send and act like a stalker? Maybe I am bieng thick or something, but I don't see it anywhere... :) THANK YOU!! :)
  10. HeatherDavis

    Been busy and MIA lately- want to see what I have been doing?

    Nope, not pop-it's lol- I have actually had my hands too full to play with my toys this week. here is why... This is the newest member of my family, and her name is Sophie. She is 8 weeks old, and is a purebred Lhasa Apso. She weighs 3.5 lbs, and when full grown will be about 6-8lbs...
  11. HeatherDavis

    I got my "PopIts" today...

    OK, over here they are called DUAL SYSTEM FORMS. Now I need a guinea pig ;) Anyone want to come over to Colorado? ;) I can see a big difference in these forms compared to regular tips. You can SEE where the apex placement should be, it should just be a matter of practice now... I will...
  12. HeatherDavis

    Grand Master again!

    I just got off the phone with my gal Cathee at CND here in the states, and it look s like I am all re-qualified for my GM again! I thought I still needed one more class, but she says I'm all DONE, and that she just put my new cert in a mailer to go out tomorrow! I'm having shock and awe...
  13. HeatherDavis

    Couture NAILS BABY!

    Hey yo wassup all. ;) I don't like to post art work and the like very often, but am all a flutter after doing some creating tonight for an article in NAILS magazine, and thought I would share my mini-gallery. I had 3 themes to work with: embossed, eyelet, and text messaging. So here is the...
  14. HeatherDavis

    Weight loss information I have loved and hated ;)

    I wasn't actually going to post a thread, but was looking to see if anyone was busting their GUT for the upcoming holiday season lol. I have been killing myself in the gym since may, and trying to get ahold of my diet since then, and it has involved constant tweaking, some crying, and alot...
  15. HeatherDavis

    This made me feel like I was back in beauty school... 12 years ago!!

    YouTube - Nail Applications
  16. HeatherDavis

    New myspace page...

    If some of you have been suddenly DELETED from my myspace page, it's only because I have a NEW page JUST FOR nail techs like YOUUUUU. :) I am attempting to keep my personal and professional lives seperate. LOL! I know I know shhhsh. Check it out, add me if you haven't yet... :)...
  17. HeatherDavis


    I picked them up friday, and have been staring at them and not playing much just yet lol- although I did rebalance my own yesterday and made a NICE coverage gel for my nail bed- mixed french pink cool with silver frost and a PINCH of red for a nice pink.. The picture makes them look a...
  18. HeatherDavis

    New!!!! Brisa Color Gels In Usa!!!!

    I thought for sure someone on this site would have seen it first, as I just got back from Las Vegas and haven't been online. I went and logged in the the US CND website, and had to rub my eyes- THATS RIGHT FOLKS, I SEE COLORED SCULPTING GEL!!!!! I am totally geeking out. I called D.D...
  19. HeatherDavis

    Anybody miss me? And THANK YOU CLARA DOON!

    Meh, I bet it was at least a little bit QUIETER lol. I have become an expert on AllExperts Questions & Answers recently, keeping me a little busy in the Q&A field, and I went to Las Vegas a couple times to visit family, then went to NEW YORK CITY WOOOO! I have wanted to visit there since I...
  20. HeatherDavis

    Whats the difference??

    I got a question I just COULD NOT answer today! What's the difference chemically between a soak off and a file off gel? Are soak off gels impervious to chemicals? Are Biosculpture nails supposed to benefit the natural nail in some way? Thanks for any help geeks- I will reference you in my...