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  1. squidgernetball

    Teeth whitening

    Are you looking for a new treatment to bring to your business? Are you considering teeth whitening? Are you planning to visit Professional Beauty to do some research and maybe sign up to offer this treatment? If so, please be aware that teeth whitening is ILLEGAL if you’re not a dentist. No...
  2. squidgernetball

    Nail techs can you help - Nailing Mental Health

    On Sunday 2 April an attempt is being made to break a world record and raise awareness for mental health. Many nail techs from across the country and beyond are descending on London to break the world record for painting nails. But we need more nail techs. Can you help? Everything is provided...
  3. squidgernetball

    Professional Beauty teeth whitening

    For any of you heading off to Professional Beauty next week, please, please, PLEASE DO NOT be duped by all the tooth whitening companies that tell you it's legal. It isn't. If it's self administered, nonnperoxide, or any of the other things they tell you, it's STILL illegal. The GDC prosecute...
  4. squidgernetball

    Workers pensions

    Just though I'd share this. Today we went to an employers information session at a local hotel. One of the areas discussed was the upcoming pensions. As we know, self employed and employed in this industry is a tricky area, but if you are supplying products for a therapist and taking a share...
  5. squidgernetball

    More evidence of the illegality of teeth whitening!

    Please don't get sucked in at the beauty shows - there may be loopholes, and those selling these kits will tell you it's all fine and dandy, but yet again, a therapist who thought she would be okay...
  6. squidgernetball

    Recruiting for a beauty therapist Leicester/Northampton borders

    Bliss & Beauty are an established beauty salon in a lovely barn in the village of South Kilworth in south Leicestershire. We are looking for a level 3 qualified therapist, preferably with some experience. Initially part time with a view to moving to full time. This will be a challenging and...
  7. squidgernetball

    What makes a good business?

    A little food for thought for those of you in business. Yet again, I'm looking for a new hairdresser. Why??? The last lady I went to did great colour and cut, but revelled in drama - the phone would ring, she'd answer it and chat while I sat there meekly waiting for her to finish. The salon...
  8. squidgernetball

    Using Salon Geek

    As we enter a new year I just wanted to start a post on getting the best out of Salon Geek. Many on here are professionals, some excelling in their field. I run a successful and busy beauty salon and do a lot on Salon Geek to support others just starting out or those wishing to grow their...
  9. squidgernetball

    Sunless Solutions help

    Don't know if anyone can help. I ordered a tan tent from sunless solutions about 10 days ago and have heard nothing. I've called several times but no answer and all mail boxes are full. Has anyone heard anything about the company or got any suggestions? I'm currently over £100 out of pocket...
  10. squidgernetball

    Electric spray tan tent

    Has anyone used one of the electric tan tents that go in the washing machine? We don't do a huge amount of tanning, but yet another tent has got warped as I've tried to fold it down. We're now thinking that one of these electric ones might be good. The only threads I can find are quite old, so...
  11. squidgernetball

    Light therapy

    Does anyone on here use led light therapy in treatments? It's something I've been interested in for a long time but know little about. I can only find old threads, so it would be interesting to know if those geeks went on to use them. Thanks Vic x
  12. squidgernetball

    Do we have the 'right' to be educated in beauty?

    We're forever seeing posts on here from therapists doing short courses, many with little contact time, but online info and lots of literature. Therapists taking these courses justify it with "I can get insured" or "we can't all go to college 5 days a week". I also see a lot of "what's the best...
  13. squidgernetball

    Looking for an exceptional beauty therapist

    Bliss & Beauty are looking for an exceptional beauty therapist to join their small but thriving salon in a pretty barn in the village of South Kilworth, Leicestershire. We are looking for an excellent all rounder with superb customer service. You must be flexible and willing to work as part of...
  14. squidgernetball

    Help - IBD Gel removal

    Can anyone advise me the best way to remove IBD Gel? Is it the same as any other - buff the top and wrap in acetone soaked cotton wool and foil??? Many thanks Vic x
  15. squidgernetball

    Pre-mixed massage oils

    Has anyone any recommendations for premixed massage oils. We have used the Eve Taylor ones which are lovely, but for general massage they only have 2 choices, and we're getting a little bored. What have you used that you love, that's easily available - obviously not Elemis/Decleor etc! Thanks...
  16. squidgernetball

    Are we mad to share business tips?

    Some years ago, I watched the Apprentice, and one of the girls wanted to get some top notch suppliers, so she rang a top London hotel and asked who their suppliers were. the hotel - having spent time and money sourcing great suppliers, refused to divulge the information. My question is, are...
  17. squidgernetball

    Simple nail art advice please!

    Hi Geeks, I hope you can help. I know there are a lot of threads about nail art etc, but I need some very simple instructions. We are offering free nail art throughout December in exchange for donations to our chosen charity which is Look Good Feel Better. The problem is, we don't do nail...
  18. squidgernetball

    Hair geeks can you help?

    My lovely daughter has just started at uni in Leeds. She has mega thick hair with a natural wave. She rarely blow dries it and it looks lovely but it gets greasy roots very quickly and tiny white bits in it at the roots. She reacts to sls in products so I'm looking for a pro sls free shampoo for...
  19. squidgernetball

    Hair geeks can you help?

  20. squidgernetball

    Room to rent

    This is a small room to rent in a pretty barn on the Leicestershire/Northants borders, about 3 miles from the Catthorpe interchange - M1/M6/A14. It wouldn't suit a beauty therapist, but we would love to hear from Holistic therapists, laser hair removal specialists, or anything that would...