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    What should i do?

    ive been renting a beauty room in a sunbed shop for nearly a year now but ive recently been told from the owner that she is closing the sunbeds n wants to make it into a shop selling other things im still in shock about everything at the moment. she wants to revamp the shop in january for 2...
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    Working as a beautician abroad

    Has anyone worked abroad as a beautician? Can anyone tell me if they have worked abroard as a beautician been thinking of dong it for a while now but not sure how 2 go about really. I supose there are loads of opportunities but where do i go from here? has anyone got a few websites that wud be...
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    window signs

    can anyone recommend anywhere that does vinyl window signs or have any tips you want to share. how much do they charge?
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    spray tan tent

    im looking for a large triangular spray tan tent. can anyone recommend a good one? or a website where i can order one thanks xx
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    Hi everyone can anyone help? Im currently renting a room above a tanning shop and was hoping to apply for some funding to help me out. ive been looking on a few websites but dont no which one to go for. :confused: need advice? thanks lisa x
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    cheeky client

    hi eyeryone just thought i'd share my experince i had with a very forward client today ( STILL IN SHOCK lol) :eek:this lady is not one of my regulars infact she hasn't had any treatments off me in the past but She does know me from the area i work in. she asked me if i could sell her some of my...