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    Unhappy client and toning issue

    I have a client that had level 9/10 grown out balayage natural level 4. She wanted some low lights and go a shade or 2 darker overall. And also add a few high lights through her regrowth. Turned out great except the highlights in the roots... they were a little warm and kinda brassy. She’s...
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    Tone base and bleach at the same time

    Can I do the following: step 1- wet the hair. Step 2- all over toner/gloss. Step 3- balayage the ends with a lightener. Step 4- process. Step 5- rinse, shampoo, blow dry, style.
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    Black hair with greys and blonde highlights

    Black hair (level 4) using wella Kp 4/0 to cover greys and has blonde (level 8/9) highlights. Greys are mostly around her face. Problem is I want to lighten the money pieces around her face more than the rest. But those pieces never get as light as the rest of her due to the permanent color...
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    Wella Illumina and pastel developer?

    I tried wella 6/16 and wella pastel developer 1:2 and the hair barely changed. The hair was bleached to a level 7/8 And brassy I thought 6/16 would be perfect. Should I have used color touch?
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    High lift over high lift

    I used high lift on virgin black hair level 2/3. I got it to nice brown which she liked. Now she wants to go lighter all over. Can I use high lift again or will I have bleach it? Can high lift make previously lifted hair lighter?