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  1. Bonkers

    Million dollar facial

    Has anyone trained in this? I’m thinking of adding it to what I do, I am pretty sure it is dermaplaning and peels but wanted feedback first
  2. Bonkers

    Cetuem body wraps

    I've recently seen someone offering century body wraps and was hoping for more information does anyone do them or anyone any information on them? Looking for a good body wrap (not sv) to offer to clients this sounds perfect from the brief amount ive seen about it Any info much appreciated
  3. Bonkers

    Where to stay for HD brows course

    Im looking at booking on the HD brows course in Yorkshire for the end of this month and just wondering where everyone stayed while training?
  4. Bonkers

    Reclining beauty chair/bed

    I'm looking for a reclining chair like the lets go lashes chair. I'm hoping to add hd brows and makeup to my salon and not really enough room as the treatment room will be used for body treatments on a flat traditional bed. Anyone have one of these chairs? I'm looking for something like the...
  5. Bonkers

    Pre-requisite of shrinking violet training

    Im wondering if someone can clarify whether a basic beauty cert is required prior to someone then going on the shrinking violet course. The reason I ask this Is because I only use professional products and I have had a couple of clients tell me that they are thinking of training in shrinking...
  6. Bonkers

    Permanent spray tan!

    Free today too
  7. Bonkers

    Beauty room to rent available Manchester city centre

    I have a beauty room that im looking to rent out based in manchester city centre good existing client base, based in high end hairdressers, Ideally all the equipment will be sold to whoever rents the room. Available from end of sept receptionist takes all calls and bookings onto computer...
  8. Bonkers

    Perron Rigot order beauty express

    Ive decided to try perron rigot now that im returning to waxing so looking at the beauty express website, which is the best hot wax to use? and which do you consider the best warm wax to use? Its been a couple of years since i did any waxing so i now feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice...
  9. Bonkers

    legal advice on business stalker...

    just wondered if any of you geeks have studied law and can help me, i have an appt with a solicitor on monday regarding a business stalker, basically another therapist sending emails and harrasment to my workplaces, after speaking to the police they have advised me that it is a legal matter now...
  10. Bonkers

    Selling my business where to advertise

    I've decided to sell my business due to not having the time to put 100% into it especially as it has so much potential for the right person. I am placing an ad on the guild I just wondered where else to advertise it Thanks
  11. Bonkers

    manchester (and other areas) therapists beware

    I have received some picture text messages on my business mobile and have just found out that so have other friends. They seem to be targetting therapists so wanted to make people aware and maybe we should just be a little more careful who we do mobile treatments for. It does seem to be...
  12. Bonkers

    semi permanent make up or non surgical facials (caci or similar)

    I am now looking at adding a new treatment to what I already offer and have narrowed it down to semi permanent makeup and caci or nouveau alift, i really cant decide which one to go for first. I currently offer: semi permanent eyelash extensions ionithermie cellulite body treatments...
  13. Bonkers

    beauty therapist required sat 6th and 13th and ongoing work

    we are looking for 1 or 2 people to cover the appts that have been booked for the hotel beauty salon. It is facials and massage appts so relevant qualifications required, please call kelly 07821853881
  14. Bonkers

    Hair extensions aftercare

    I am finally getting my hair extensions fitted on saturday, Im hoping that they are good i have spoken to a few ladies that had this particular girl do theirs and they said they have been fab, only difference is they didnt go for the cinderella hair. So does anyone have any advice for...
  15. Bonkers

    help! websites, domains and me = arghhh!

    So I have bought 2 domains I want for my new venture, I have no idea what to do with them, how to make a website with them etc Does anyone have any good advise of what next?? Really need website up and running soon thanks
  16. Bonkers

    Which hair extensions?

    I am looking to have hair extensions fitted in the next couple of weeks so wondered if any geeks can advise me on whats best to ask for as i am not a hair geek. My hair is quite fine and already quite long so looking for it to look thicker and a little more length. I dont want it to be too...
  17. Bonkers

    Skin care range suitable with microdermabrasion

    Im about to take on microdermabrasion and I am also looking for a skin care range as I have never really pushed skin care i have always been busy with other things so now is the prefect time really. I have spoken to only yourx, collin, eve taylor and susan molyneux so far but wanted others...
  18. Bonkers

    The Event - anyone want a roomie :)

    Hi everyone I am so so so happy as i won the guild competition for the event ticket. Now I am looking for someone to share a room with. Anyone looking for a room mate?? x
  19. Bonkers

    Looking for a 'Minxer' in Preston.

    I have a lady asking for minx but she is very far from me and in preston at what i charge for mileage it will end up costing her an extra £25-00 are there any minxers in preston i can pm you the ladys details she wants the minx doing next week and looks like she wants silver lightening x
  20. Bonkers

    Lash Extensions in Belfast

    I have a lady who I lashed today who is from belfast but was on in manchester for the weekend, I am looking for someone in Belfast to do her regular infils if anyone knows anyone I can pass her details to you.