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  1. Bo

    Power polish vs gel polish

    So many threads seem to break down with a heated discussion that Shellac is not a gel polish. If the discussion is about a non brand specific topic would using the term "UV polish" be accurate enough to cover all brands? :grr::grr:
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    Gel polish thinners

    I'm seeing a few companies sell gel polish thinner. I'm a little hesitant it might affect full curing. Anybody familiar with thinners?
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    How is this look done?

    Any ideas how this was done. Really interested in doing the color? Thanks :)
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    CND Limeade with Lemon Sunshine swatch

    Does anyone have a picture of CND Limeaid with Lemon Sunshine. I think that is how these nails were done, but not sure. Thanks for the help! :)
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    Artsy Fartsy Crafts glitter fans!

    I've ordered twice from AFC and love thier glitter. I can't wait to try the glow in the dark and neon. Post your pics of your favorite AFC glitter!
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    Indigo Nail Lab

    I'm seeing some really fun stuff from Indigo. Is this a quality or pro brand? Would appreciate some reviews. Thanks
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    My four year old granddaughter, she chose everything herself. Oh, the years of fun to come.
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    CND spring glitters

    Just arrived in the mail! I did color pops with heavy coverage and light. This will look great even with sheer coverage. They have a depth to them in person.
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    CND springtime glitter - now available in US

    USA techs - just ordered the CND springtime glitter collection! Now available from The Industry Source. I should have it by Tuesday I'm even excited for the measuring tool!
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    CND springtime glitter - now available in US

  12. Bo

    Had a great client experience!

    Had a new client today I really hit it off with. And I had the pleasure of transforing her NSS nails, that were flared and like bricks, into nails I was very proud of. We had so much in common regarding our likes. We both wear warm, bright colors. We loved the same color. And to top it off we...
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    Had a great client experiance!

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    Broken nail repair

    When you need to repair a hard gel NNO that has broken at the side, do you patch it using a form and sculpting? Or is it better to cut the nail down and sculpting a fresh new nail?
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    CND Additives Twinkle Collection

    They are in the Armstrong McCall's flyer I received in the mail yesterday. Will be there first thing Monday morning to check if in stores yet. Sorry but this was the best pic I could find.
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    Gelish Holiday colors 2012

    Saw them on CosmoProf
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    Ergonomic manicure desk?

    I found this desk surfin the net. I am no way affiliated with this. That being said, what do you all think of this? Wait for it. $1300.00 USD.
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    Gel polish ruined my nails, really?

    Just had a person tell me gel polish ruined her nails. She didn't know that I did nails. I asked her how they were removed. "Oh, they used a drill" ! It makes me sad someone thinks its the fault of the product. I did my best to inform her one is never to use an e-file to remove gel polish. But...
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    So fun to make a client happy

    I love it when I can do nails completely different than I might wear myself. My client loved them as they were the color of her fav football team and Halloweenish. Of course I can see all my flaws as its my first attempt doing this technique. Post some pics you have done that was not your cup...
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    Coverage issues

    I have a client who has darker skin and her natural nail free edge is on the whiter side. Where her nail bed ends is a dark natural smile line. I used Gelish Samba and after 3 applications I could not get full coverage. I finally did a glitter fade on the tip to hide it. I thinking if she...