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    Massage oil

    I use Base Formula. They have a lovely set of pre-blended oils. I also use the Sweet Almond and Grapeseed. Great customer service too.
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    Anyone used the new Elleebana lash lift adhesive squeeze tube?

    Thanks for your reply. Do you just squeeze a little out onto the rod and glue/lift in sections? On the website it says to squeeze what you need into the tray. I don't think that would work for me as I can take 20-30 minutes to get both sets of lashes onto the rods, thank you.
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    Anyone used the new Elleebana lash lift adhesive squeeze tube?

    Has anyone used the new squeeze tubes of Elleebana glue and would you recommend it please? I currently use the regular Elleebana glue and find that I have to throw it away as it oxidises before I finish it, which makes it costly. I've done 8 lifts so far with the current glue but it is starting...
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    Insurance to include home and business

    I am with Esure and found them really helpful when I had to change my home insurance to cover work too when I set up at home.
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    Can you claim for client gifts?

    That's a great idea, thank you for replying. I find that manual so hard to navigate!
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    Can you claim for client gifts?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. That's the manual I tried to use when I complete my return this year, it's so hard to find what you are looking for!
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    Can you claim for client gifts?

    Hi, I am a self employed massage therapist and have a home salon. I'm starting my third year and buy a small birthday gift for my regular clients such as flowers or they can choose a scented candle or Lindt chocolate. I've not claimed for the gifts I bought in the tax year just gone as I...
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    Home based salon questions

    Hi, every council has different rules, some charge, some don't, it also depends on what services you offer. If you look on your council website you will be able to find the relevant department to contact. When I contacted my council, I got a reply the same week. Hope this helps.
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    Laundry allowance for beauty therapist

    thank you, that's really helpful.
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    Laundry allowance for beauty therapist

    Hi, I've struggled to work this out too. In year 1 of trading I used a flat rate of £15 per month for electricity/gas/water. For laundry/cleaning products I've used a flat rate of £2 per month. This seemed reasonable as I was just starting out and building a client base. In year 2 which I'm...
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    Comfortable footwear?

    I love Fit Flop, very comfortable and great support. They also do 20% off your first order.
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    Elleebana lash lift & tint

    Hi, my last client had very fair and fine lashes so I decided to decrease the lift times by one minute to avoid over-processing. Her lift took well. I use Belamacil tint and left it on for 4 and a half minutes (I would usually leave for 5 minutes) again decreasing the time as her lashes are...
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    VTCT L4 Advanced Body Massage

    Hello, I completed the VTCT L3 Body Massage Diploma 2 and a half years ago and have gone on to train in bamboo massage and hot stone therapy. I am interested in the L4 course and wondered if anyone has been on this and would you recommend it please? Did you learn lots of new techniques which...
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    Gift voucher and 20% off first treatment offer

    Thank you both for replying. In the past I have had the new client who has come with a gift voucher asking if they would get 20% off their next visit, so far I have said no as it's their second visit. I just wanted to make sure that I'm not being unreasonable. I do offer a £5 voucher when a...
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    Gift voucher and 20% off first treatment offer

    Hi, I have an introductory offer which is 20% off your first treatment. I also sell gift vouchers. If a client purchases a gift voucher for a friend who has not come before (new client) for £20, I will take 20% off their treatment price and apply the gift voucher. If a client decides to...
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    Leaflet recommendation?

    Vista print are also great when there has been an issue with the printing. They re-printed my order and express tracked it when there was an issue with one of my orders. I always think that if you get great service when things have gone wrong, it's very reassuring. They also have a lot of...
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    Safety for running a business from home

    Hi, I work from home too, my treatment room is right by the front door so as soon as a client comes in they go straight through. Most of my clients book via Facebook, I am trying to get into a habit of when I message to re-confirm appointments (to hopefully prevent no shows) to also say I...
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    Product recommendation for oriental hair please

    Hi, I currently use Aussie hair products because I love the smell! I'm a massage therapist but have a trade card for Alan Howard. I would like to try some shampoo/conditioner but I can't believe how much choice there is and have no idea what to look for, shelves and shelves of brands!!! I am...
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    Does Adel Direct offer VAT free shopping days?

    Hello, Up to now I've always shopped in-store or on-line with Alan Howard or Denis Williams. I've had problems with products which have gone off or arrived in really poor condition and not suitable for retail, so I thought I would try my local Adel Direct store. I would like to shop at Adel...
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    Lash lift gone wrong

    How long did you leave the solutions on for?