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  1. Samantha Sona

    Spray tan "blobs"

    They are areas of dry skin rather like age spots (no offence to your mum). They look skin-coloured but when you put the tan on they go darker. Ask your mum to have a really good scrub before her tan, particularly these areas, and put a bit of moisturiser on them.
  2. Samantha Sona

    DIY tanning booths, anyone made one?

    Here you go...
  3. Samantha Sona

    DIY tanning booths, anyone made one?

    Really quick. You plug them into the wall. I will try to find one...
  4. Samantha Sona

    DIY tanning booths, anyone made one?

    A few years ago a company made blow-up tanning tents. No idea how good they were, would be interested to hear from someone who had one.
  5. Samantha Sona

    DIY tanning booths, anyone made one?

    I have often wondered if you could make one using an exhibition stand.
  6. Samantha Sona

    Spray tan/prep

    It’s fine to exfoliate on the same day, just don’t use any shower gels, body lotions, etc. as they could create a barrier between your skin and the tan.
  7. Samantha Sona

    Barrier cream

    You can use any body lotion as a barrier cream. Or indeed don’t use it at all and just go easy over dryer areas.
  8. Samantha Sona

    White patch after forearm wax

    I have had his before where there is some wax left in the skin. The tan will not take where the wax is.
  9. Samantha Sona

    Where do you start?

    Facing away, so you tan their back first. This gives you a chance to assess the tan and make the necessary adjustment to the spray, etc.
  10. Samantha Sona

    Help, green tanning lotion!

    Hi Kirsty, the reason is that they have used artificial colours in the tan. In order to get a brown colour, they would have used red, blue and yellow. However, the red degrades when it is exposed to extremes of temperatures so all you are left with is blue and yellow = green. Go for a tan that...
  11. Samantha Sona

    Concerns over spray tanning and health

    All I can tell you is that our DHA comes from high quality sugar cane rather than low-grade glycerine. Our tan has been certified by the Organic Food Chain in Australia who have the highest safety standards in the world.
  12. Samantha Sona

    Concerns over spray tanning and health

    There are several problems with this article. Firstly, they say that tanning with DHA is relatively new. That’s not the case, as it’s been used since the 1960s to colour skin. Secondly, they say that DHA comes from glycerin. It’s true, some does, but not all. The DHA we use in our tan comes...
  13. Samantha Sona

    Spray tan solution question

    Hi Robin, I am the founder of Samantha Sona Ethical Beauty and we are about to release a professional tanning solution which you might be interested in. All of our products (including our tans) are certified as 'Vegan & Cruelty-Free' by PETA. They are also Organic and certified as Palm...
  14. Samantha Sona

    New starter with questions

    Learning to do lashes is hard, but worth it. After you have done the course, you will need to practice loads on friends & family. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes like second nature. And being able to offer lashes AND tans is a huge advantage.