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  1. izzidoll

    What's the chat?

    A large part of my chat with clients seems to revolve around TV programmes, I swear I only keep watching Coronation Street to keep the chat going with some clients. I mean how bad has Corrie got recently? Suits, The Good wife, Poldark, Elementary they all get discussed....Gogglebox has nothing...
  2. izzidoll

    Top of the Pops

    Just wondering what is popular within your treatments, what are the climbers and what is falling down the charts. When I started out it was all, acrylic, (now known as L&P) forever french look (pop music), then gradually natural looking enhancements took over (classical), whilst stiletto with...
  3. izzidoll

    Here comes summer

    I know the weather down south is a lot warmer, but it is dry and sunny up here in Scotand today, and supposedly going to be more of the same for the next few days! Over the last week, I have power washed the greenhouse, inside and out and prepared it for growing my tomatoes and cucumbers. First...
  4. izzidoll

    Edit facility

    You know what a technological genius I am, but I can't see any way to edit my posts once I've posted them. Is it staring me in the face, or do I just need to type more carefully and triple check my posts before hitting send? :rolleyes:
  5. izzidoll

    Heels or flats?

    I love my shoes.... they always fit! However I have slipped into the flat shoe trap, and wear them constantly. Comfort has edged out style :eek: I wore heels last Saturday, not even that high, and my legs were agony the next day! I need to wear my heels more often! Anyone else got the...
  6. izzidoll

    Artistic Colour Gloss recommendations please

    I know a lot of Geeks use ACG, I use some colours too, Posh being a top colour with my clients. I have got a few ACG colours now and in light of Louellabelles great offers and price changes, I have decided to phase out my Gelish colours replacing them with ACG. But I need a little help with...
  7. izzidoll

    Your little foibles?

    I just can't leave the house without making the bed properly....even now I'm running late for work (due to early morning geeking) but I have to make the bed!
  8. izzidoll

    Cud, wud,shud...guna use English!

    I have noticed over recent weeks that a new language is creeping into posts. It's not text talk or even abbreviations, it seems more like completely made up words. I have to read, reread and read again to try and get a sense of what the poster is trying to impart, but I am sure a lot of my...
  9. izzidoll

    Salon Geek rules, anyone read them?

    Just in case anyone has missed them..... Forum Rules Geek Commandments Thou shalt not peddle thy wares Advertising is only allowed via clearly defined banners (find out more via the Advertise link at the bottom of each page). Threads, posts, private messages, blogs, Social Groups, etc...
  10. izzidoll

    Happy Birthday Grand Master Geek!

    You didn't think it would go unnoticed did you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY........Have a great day
  11. izzidoll

    I'm not a Hair Geek, but...........

    How many threads start like that or the other favourite.....I've just popped over from Skin/Nail Geek...... This notice is right at the top of the Hair Forum have you seen it? Notices If you are looking for advice and you are not a hair professional, then please post your query in the...
  12. izzidoll

    I'm not a Hair Geek, but...........

  13. izzidoll

    Who, what, when, why and the App!

    Is there anything you haven't figured out yet? Who are the Mods, why do some people have a yellow asterisk at the side of their posts how can I see if someone is a Nail geek or a Hair Geek? Are these things that have you stumped? Well ask away...........and I'm sure you will get the...
  14. izzidoll

    Has the Recession made us Killjoys...or were we always this miserable?

    I know times are tough, but have we forgotten how to have some fun, and a laugh here on Salon Geek ? Maybe it's not the recession to blame, maybe we are just not making friends like we used to on here, and getting to know each other, and if we don't do that, it all gets kind of bland and...
  15. izzidoll

    Who is behind the screen?

    Something for all of our Geeks to ponder..... Whilst we use Chit Chat to talk about and discuss all things non-nail related.. I think we need to think and be very, very careful about what it is we are discussing. Right now there are 132 members logged on....and 481 Guests! There are...
  16. izzidoll

    Why is Salon Geek full of FACTS!

    I don't know if any of you are members of other Industry Forums and support groups on other social networking sites, there are more and more popping up every day :eek: Whilst I don't see this as a bad thing, I look at these other groups and all I see are adverts for products, PR from product...
  17. izzidoll

    Who are the new Big Names in our Industry?

    I know the big names are still out there working hard and promoting our Industry like Marian Newman, Liza Smith, Anthony Buckley and Sam Biddle, but who are the new up and comers ? I like to think I keep up to date on all things nails and I read my Industry mags from cover to cover, and check...
  18. izzidoll

    WOW, look at me now!

    How far have you come in the Industry since you joined Salon Geek? I have been around here for longer than I care to say and have seen newbies to the industry flourish and grow on here, going from asking all the questions :rolleyes: to passing back that knowledge to another generation of...
  19. izzidoll

    Happy Birthday Geeg!

    Happy Birthday....I hope you are being spoiled rotten !
  20. izzidoll

    Windows: phone scam warning!

    Thought I would alert my fellow Geeks about this. I received a phone call this morning, the Indian woman asked for me by name then introduced herself stating she was calling from Windows Security Centre. She stated that there were numerous faults being reported to them from my computer and...