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  1. Lavender-blue


    I have to give credit where its due and I have seen with my own eyes today the result of nouvatan tanning solution. It is a gorgeous natural colour and I was very impressed so well done nouvatan. xxxxxxxxxxxxx:hug:
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    Nominated the best shortest joke.

    A 3 year old boy was examining his testicles whilst taking a bath. 'Mum' he said 'Are these my brains'? 'Not yet' she replied.
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    Happy birthday paulette

  4. Lavender-blue

    Happy Birthday Marlise

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    Start with yourself

    Oh i am a font of knowledge today!!!:) I thought this may give someone a bit of inspiration. The following words were written on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in the crypts of Westminster Abbey. START WITH YOURSELF. When I was young and free and my imagination had no limit, I...
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    A mom's life

    How many of us say these words every day? No wonder my kids say i nag nag nag!!! Did you brush your teeth? I'm talking to you Dont hit your brother Stop it I mean it I said, stop it! I'll count to ten and then we're going without you Sit up Dont hit your sister Is that the truth? How many...
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    Happy Birthday Ruth Mills

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    Hi all. I am scared because apparantly we are going to have one of the worst storms tonight. It said on the news that the government have had a meeting about it!!!:eek: Theres going to be devastation by morning!!! OMG i am scared. I dont scare easily but i am bricking it. Iv just fetched...
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    Onion Jokes

    POST YOUR ONION JOKES HERE. Q What is white, round and giggles?? A tickled onion.:green:
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    Hopi Ear Candles.

    Hi geekies I was wondering how many of you have done hopi ear candling, and what you think of it? Iv never recieved it myself and would like to try it as I suffer headaches and have been told hopi is good for headaches? I'm sorry if this has been asked before. As a holistic therapist I dont...
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    My Fake Baby

    Who saw the programme last night on channel 4, called My fake baby? Opinions please :eek: :) It would be really interesting to see what peeps thought about this one! xxxxxxxxxx
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    panto avatar

    Iv changed my avator to Tinkerbelle. Thats me -geeky panto 07! Do you like it? Altogether now ........................................ Oh yes we do. xx
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    La Beeby uniform

    I have recieved my new tunic today from La Beeby. It is the diamonte one in black and I love it. It has a diamonte zip which is at the front, and goes all the way down the length of the tunic ,to the left,not in the middle, and and the zip pulley has 3 diamontes on. Very bling. Quite...
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    spray tanners

    Those who do mobile spray tanning/spray tanning parties, do you supply your own robes for the clients to wear? Do you think it gives a more professional image? thanx xxxx:hug:
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    Best printer

    I seem to go through printers like they are going out of fashion. I have had bothycheap and expensive but something always goes on them and it is usually cheaper to buy another rather than a repair in most cases!. At the minute I have the epsom stylus dx3850. I have already had a repair on it...
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    Vietnamese Nail Salon

    I have just had a phone call off a relative of mine, asking for my advice on her nails. As you all prob know I don't do nails, so feel I am unable to help. So I thought yu geeks may be able to help me to advise her. Yesterday, she went into her local vietnamese salon for a pedicure. Her...
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    Man goes to docs for a penis extension. Doc suggests baby elephant trunk stitched on for 3 grand. Man agrees. 6 months later while having dinner with new woman , he feels a stirring in his pants and thinks 'this is the night'. While chatting over dinner his penis flies out, steals a bun off...
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    New word game -word association.

    I think we need a new one!!!:green: I will start the first word off - you can change 1 letter. EASTER
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    included or added on - hair prices

    Calling all hairdressers Do you charge extra for blow drying or cutting.? When doing a colour or a perm - is your cut/blow dry included in the price or is an added extra?? ALSO do you charge extra for mousse and styling aids or is it included in your price. I dont charge extra . and all my...
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    Mixing tanning solution

    I might be sounding a bit thick here but can you mix the tantrick solutions.??? For example - If you have no 8% can you mix 5% and 10% together to make 8%??? Does anybody do this? Do you get the same effect??:rolleyes: