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    HD brows

    Can anyone please tell me the cost of training? I can't find it anywhere and can't get through to them! X
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    Any microblading experts here?

    Hi I'm considering doing microblading training with hd brows, has anyone here used them before? They will also train me in hd brows too so I can offer that. I know it's going to be expensive and huge amounts of hard work determination and effort but I know if I put the effort in and set...
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    Personal question to therapists, how much do you actually earn?

    Wondering how much (if at all) people's monthly incomes differ if they are employed / self employed / spa / salon / mobile. I know how many hours you work, where you are in the country and how experienced you are will all contribute but when I look at job adverts posted and it's like £8 an hour...
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    Businesses that run from a garden studio/log cabin - help!

    Hi, I currently have a treatment room within my town centre studio but it's way too big and getting in and out of town to work is a total nightmare so I end up turning jobs down because it's too much hassle to drive 40 minutes there, set it all up etc and leave my husband with our two young...
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    Doing something slightly different to a usual therapist

    Hi all I'm new here and this is my first post. I guess I'm slightly different to alot of you and I'm coming at the industry from another angle. I'm actually an Antenatal Teacher which I've been doing really successfully on a self employed basis for about 8yrs. I'm also a massage therapist...