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  1. Mizz Beauty

    Nail Tech required

    Looking for an experience nail tech to carry out duties on a self employed basis. excellent salon
  2. Mizz Beauty

    French laquer ????

    Right iv looked every where. Iv had some customers move to me with a french manicure look. they say its air brush in a can. it gives a french white tip and a natural shine. Iv stopped a lady today in my local warehouse today and asked her about her nails she said its comes in a can and she...
  3. Mizz Beauty

    Loss of shine - gel- IBD

    where do i start.? Iv changed my gel nail system to IBD. I think its great. the only think im loosing the natural gloss shine when complete. Iv thought of a few reasons!!! can any one help Is my lamp not curing it enough so when im wiping the shine is gone? im using nail wipes instead of...
  4. Mizz Beauty

    Name for my door

    Im movig to a salon in a weeks time. Im looking for a nice door sign... can anyone recommend any where to purchase one from .. also any names. etc the nail room..
  5. Mizz Beauty

    Im famous lol

    I was asked a while ago to write about myself a regarding my essential nails course to be published on there website take a look
  6. Mizz Beauty

    Curling wand - help

    Iv had a curling wand bought me..... need some advice on actually howw to use it correctly. my hair is short con gaded bob . just below my ears and the frout. Iv had a go today but hair seemed frizz and didnt look right. i also burnt my forehead. Can anyone give me some advice as would love...
  7. Mizz Beauty

    Manicure - your routine

    Im currently studying manicures at college (Beauty therapist) I know everyone treatments are different could u let me know what ur manicures consists off please?
  8. Mizz Beauty

    Different training

    Iv been trained in L+P . do u need to be trained and get a qualification to offer gel nails. especially basic over lays.
  9. Mizz Beauty

    Cleaning equipment

    Can i ask how u all clean, ur products please. Im still training and at college we use a uv cabinet. but there expensive to have at home or mobile . so was wondering what do u use for ur mask brushes sponges and other equipement.
  10. Mizz Beauty

    Nail desk lamp

    Im looking for a lamp for my desk.. can anyone recomend one. please. do they have a prober name,
  11. Mizz Beauty

    First clients

    Im currently doin my nail training. I done a couple on family and friends. But last night i had 2 clients that were friends of friends so never met them (only charged for materials used) Well considering i didnt know them i thought i was professional. But was quiet happy with the first client...
  12. Mizz Beauty

    Name for my business

    I'll be qualified hopefully soon with Acrylic nails and looking for a nail name - thought MIZZ NAILZ - but them i had a thought im currently doing beauty specialist course and should be qualified in June next year - and i dont want to have to change my business name - eg website - business...
  13. Mizz Beauty

    Waxing - Mole

    Im a student doing beauty specialist - we will be doing waxing in a few weeks time. Bikini just a quick question i have a mole just below my bikini line. (hard to explain) will i be able to have a bikini wax.
  14. Mizz Beauty


    Im looking for nail desk. Iv heard a few of u have had a custom made desk to suit you.. I have not seen a nail desk that i like but iv seen a few desks i like and would like some advice about converting them. The fan where can u purchase them from and what type. x Any advice be good. x
  15. Mizz Beauty


    What products does everyone use for L+P nails? I currently have been using The Edge as hubby bought me the kit a while ago and Doing my course using dream.
  16. Mizz Beauty

    Facial products

    Iv started my Beauty specialist course and we ve started doing facials. we have kist for this but no producys/. At college we can use products that are on site but to practise ill need my own at home. Can anyone reccomened where to get some from please Id need Cleaser Toner moisteriser.
  17. Mizz Beauty

    Natural nails - cutting down

    Iv just started a beauty Specialist diploma - i have lovely long strong natural nails.. iv been told i need to cut them down as there to long , not practical or safe while doin the course..... Im gutted that i have to do this as iv had long nails for a while and there part of me...
  18. Mizz Beauty

    Natural Nails

    Hello. I have lovely long natural nails.... Im off to a black and white ball on tuesday evening, Needs some ideas what to do with them.. Was thinking doing white tips and black dots.... not very good with art. Any advice on painting white tips. As I always tend to chips them. Im...
  19. Mizz Beauty

    Want to moan

    Hello Im starting a Beauty Specialist course in Sept. I had a form for my uniform for college from 'salonwear' well we had a date begining of August to hand form and payment in. Well im still waiting for my uniform iv emailed them and was told my college uniform will be dispacted next week...
  20. Mizz Beauty

    My first attempt

    Iv posted some pictures in the pictures and Albums of my first ever attempt of doing my acrylic.. I would appriciate any comments... I know still have a while to go but not bad for the first time... Just seem to be scruggling with the blending.