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  1. lauraj

    Beauty bed for a small car

    Hi everyone I do some waxing but at the moment can only offer facial waxing as my beauty bed doesn't fit in my car and it weighs loads. I want to know if there is a smaller one that might fit. My car is a street ka. Any ideas?
  2. lauraj

    Favourite shops for dresses online?

    I'm looking for a new dress as I'm going to a wedding soon. Where do you ladies go to for internet shopping? Laura :)
  3. lauraj

    Help with a nail biter

    Hi everyone, I've done nails for people who bite them before but not for any like these. This lady has bitten her nails for ages and want to have extension to help her stop and to help them grow. The first week I went she explained that she wanted them done every week to make sure their was...
  4. lauraj

    Where can I buy EZ Flow products?

    Hi, I've nearly run out of ezflow monomer but when I went to reorder the company I normally use hasn't got it on their website anymore. Then I went to my local suppliers which I sometimes use for it and they said they can't get it anymore. Can anyone help?
  5. lauraj

    Comic Relief - spray tan fundraising idea

    I was thinking for comic relief I would post on my facebook page that all tans I do in the week before it I will donate £5 to comic relief. I charge £15 so it wouldn't end up costing me anything but a bit of time and it might be quite good. I only work part time in beauty but I still thought...
  6. lauraj

    Texting a previous client

    Hi everyone, I've done a search and I know there's a thread out there somewhere about this because I remember seeing it however I can't find it and couldn't remember what the answers were. I have a client who I used to do very regularly until before christmas when she had to cancel and...
  7. lauraj

    Estee Lauder Double Wear for brides?

    I've been doing make-up for a while but just for children's parties and a few proms but I have been asked to do a friends wedding which is in August so between then and now I'm planning to top up my kit with better brands. One thing a month as I've got everything I'm just uping the quality...
  8. lauraj

    Advice please on what nails to do for my friend for her mum's funeral

    Hi everyone I was wondering if you can help me with this one as I don't really know what I think I should suggest. My friend has asked me to do hers and her sisters nails for their mums funeral. Her sister asked if we could maybe do an angel but I'm not sure where to start with that so if you...
  9. lauraj

    Hair in a mole

    So here I'm going for the stupid question of the day Can you pull a hair out of a mole with a pair of tweezers? Here's why I'm asking. When I was at school I had a friend who plucked her mole hair and it wouldn't stop bleeding and she had to go to the hospital and have it stiched. So I have...
  10. lauraj

    Those little beads what do I do with them

    I bought some silver beads and some gold beads but I don't really know what to do with them. I've seen the posts about caviar nails but I don't do gel or shellac so what can I do with them, anything?
  11. lauraj

    Schwarzkopf colour save shampoo problems

    I've just popped over with a quick question. I had my hair coloured for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the hair dresser didn't retail shampoo so I asked which to get and she just said one for coloured hair. I went into my local wholesalers and they said schwarzkopf was the best one...
  12. lauraj

    Make-up wipes

    I'm trying to work out a skin care routine because mine is aweful. I have started using cleanser and Toner but I go away a lot of weekends and I bought my bottles from the warehouse so they are really big. Are wipes OK just to use when I'm away?? If so which ones should I buy? Thanks guys xx
  13. lauraj

    Been sold faulty products is there anything I can do about it?

    Hi folks this is a bit of a rant really and I'm looking for advice about how I should proceed. I recently was on facebook and I noticed that red10 had swapped from being an ezflow distributer to becoming a nail harmony distributer so they were selling off all their ezflow things they have...
  14. lauraj

    Hairdresser in Rotherham or Sheffield

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good hairdressers in Sheffield or Rotherham where my mum can go for a consultation. She has very fine hair and wants to keep it quite long but is struggling to get a style that will work with her hair. She's been lots of places with no luck so I...
  15. lauraj

    People asking you to use their products to get the treatment cheaper.

    Just had this on facebook:- Person - Are u free tomz wanting nails done I've got all stuff hw much ? Me - I just commented on your status I can do them but they will still be £28 as I only use my own products Person - No I bought all stuff cos I can't afford to have them done all time I will...
  16. lauraj

    Beauty room situation - what would you do?

    Hi everyone, I've been renting a room at the back of an hair dressers since September. When I first started the salon owner said she would ideally like £25 per day or would be happy with a percentage split up to that much. I asked what percentage she wanted me to pay but she said we would do...
  17. lauraj

    LA Tan or Fake Bake - what would you choose

    I don't do many tans and my solution has gone off I was looking at getting some more but I didn't know whether to swap from LA Tan to Fake Bake. I have asked Fake Bake for a sample and they are sending that out but I could do with ordering ASAP. I love LA Tan but I can get fake bake from my...
  18. lauraj

    Please help - been let down by my waxing model for today

    Hi all I'm doing a waxing course today and my model has let me down and its too late to cancel. I have one to start with but I need 2 can anyone help. It's at Ritz beauty in Rotherham
  19. lauraj

    Cheeky people on facebook

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this. I posted on one of the facebook selling groups to fill in my last few appointments for christmas and just to advertise really. I was having a discussion with 2 potencial clients and I'd said how much I charge. Then another lady posted on my comment...
  20. lauraj

    Just booked my waxing course

    I've booked my waxing course for 9th January and it includes a full kit to get me started but what else will I need to buy? Obviously I need a couch, I've seen a nice pink one. But will I need to get anything else? How much practice will I need after the course before I can do the public? I...