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  1. Abbie101

    Moving house

    Just wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction... So we're looking at moving house we have had the house valued by the estate agents but the fees to selling our house now and purchasing a new one comes to around £9000 (that includes solicitors, surveyors etc) if we were to...
  2. Abbie101

    Minx advertising

    Hello, I have recently started my own beauty business but i'm trying to come up with a way to show clients the minx designs to order in for them - I haven't got the funds to orders loads and hope there popular! - What do you geeks use to advertise minx? I'm thinking of print screening...
  3. Abbie101

    Shellac bag/box?

    I presume this question has been asked but I've searched and there's so many shellac topics I couldn't find one I am after ... I have a shellac kit but want a box/bag big enough to put in the lamp, colours, products etc? I've looked at nail boxes as I have one for my gel and acrylic stuff but...
  4. Abbie101

    China Glaze

    I got 5 colours at the beauty show of china glaze nail polish and I've just got around trying them and I can't believe what the outcome is! I don't know it's there all dodgy bottles or the brand isn't that good? I've tried thin layers thick layers and it's shocking! (It won't let me upload a...
  5. Abbie101

    This sunshine

    Has led to me sitting in the garden with just the dog and a vodka an coke :) love it!!! X
  6. Abbie101


    Why am I constantly tired?! I went to sleep at 9 last night woke up at half 7 and I felt fine for about half hour now I'm ready for bed again! I don't remember the last time I saw 10 o'clock at night I'm always fast asleep by 9 sometimes 8 it's happening all the time ... Anyone else had this...
  7. Abbie101

    Company's gone bust

    I currently work in retail and last night got a phone call to say the shops been repossed and im basically now unemployed by that certain company, I am now £200 down a month as I only did 2 days a week there and there were short shifts.... am I entitled to anything as it will be a big loss for...
  8. Abbie101

    Handing in my notice

    Do you think I should do it? It's my job in retail - I've been there just under a year an had a review last Friday for them to tell me I'm basically rubbish at the job - I was furious and all weekend I've been thinking I need to leave so written my notice to hand in today - shall I do it? The...
  9. Abbie101

    What has everyone been spoilt with on Valentine's?

    There's me buying my boyfriend a few sweets and a card and I've woke up to a remote control car (I wanted a car and this is his idea of buying me one), bunch of roses, a massive teddy, chocolate his said his got me something else in his car but can't have it till later and his taking me out...
  10. Abbie101

    Stuck with what to do

    Sorry if im about to go on but I need ideas! :| I have finished my level 3 beauty and have done minimum treatments since qualifying. I don't know whether to pick another career (I would like to work as a social worker with small children somewhere like the nspcc) or do I stick with beauty...
  11. Abbie101

    Do you practice what you preach?

    Just wondering how many actually practice what we preach? I'm really bad an I don't, I use baby wipes to remove make up even though I tell clients you should cleanse with facial cleanser etc. I don't apply oil to my enhancements or wear gloves when washing up etc. I don't exfoliate before a...
  12. Abbie101

    What wax do you use?

    I trained in college during NVQ level 2 2 years ago in beauty, they used salon systems so i thought it must be ok if college used it i went out and brought it but hate it! I brought 2 singles and a pack of 3 an finally finishing my last tub but I'm definitely looking into a new brand so what wax...
  13. Abbie101

    Men's eyebrows?

    My boyfriends friend wants eyebrows waxing tonight, I have covered eyebrow waxing but obviously all have been on women I've never done a man and now I'm thinking what if it goes wrong?!? He gets them threaded normally but I haven't yet trained in this so only do waxing. Any tips? I got him to...
  14. Abbie101

    Driving courses or learning slowly?

    I did ask in the learning to drive thread but only got 2 answers (which im grateful of) but one said one and one said the other so.... What did you do and why? I'm looking into driving but 1, scared! 2, get bored easily so learning slowly I may give up so how did you learn and what would...
  15. Abbie101

    Salon lite and paper work?

    I will be soon setting up my home salon (everythings ready just need leaflets printed, advertising and decorate the room - but have it all ready). Anywhoooooo..... im just wondering if anyone fills out all consultation/record cards and appointment book on paper then when there isn't any...
  16. Abbie101

    Just because I'm a beautician doesn't mean I'm a magician

    Haha just came across this little saying and made me giggle... So true specially how come clients expect miracles xx
  17. Abbie101

    Hair and beauty prices?

    This is not to cause an argument or anything but I'm just wondering why hairdressing prices are say cut and blow dry - £25 and beauty luxury manicure - £20 - two completely different services yes but why can hairdressers charge a lot higher prices when they use less products and even time in...
  18. Abbie101

    Black and white walls in beauty room

    I have picked some wallpaper which is white with black pattern, but I'm stuck with what to do to the other 3 walls white paint? Or black paint? Or something completely different? I was thinking white, but I'll be spray tanning in there too and the room isn't big enough for doing a separate...
  19. Abbie101

    Level 3 beauty therapist qualified looking for work.

    I'm looking for a job to give me more experience and confidence in tamworth/Sutton coldfield areas?
  20. Abbie101

    Record cards and consultation sheets?

    Do you need a different record card for each treatment as well as consultation?... I'm making my own at the moment but i'm wondering if I can do one record card for all treatments and different consultation form for each treatment? Pleaseeee help as it will save me so much time to just do...