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  1. tina

    Home and business insurance recommendations

    I'm with salon gold for my beauty insurance and my home and business insurance which includes my salon in my garden is insured with be wiser insurance as my home insurance that I had before wouldn't insure me when I started running a business from home x
  2. tina

    Home salon expenses

    Hi, I will be filing my first tax return this year. I work from a log cabin in my garden and sometimes mobile. This is my 2nd income so don't do it full time. How can I work out what percentage I use for electricity to claim some of that expense back and can I claim for doing laundry - washing...
  3. tina

    Ink ilac swatches

    Thank you x
  4. tina

    Ink ilac swatches

    I have a new video on my you tube channel showing my collection .
  5. tina

    Book keeping online

    I'm just looking at these and i find it so confusing and complicated bearing in mind I'm home based salon and part mobile, i just need in and out - not all these invoice and client and bank statements etc
  6. tina

    How long does the pinkie sized bottle of CND Rescue RXx last?

    I would be interested to know this too. The fact it can't be worn with shellac sort of puts me off, I bought myself a bottle but still haven't used it as I always have my nIls done.
  7. tina

    CND Shellac pricing?

    I maybe need to sort my colour pops to any that have an additional charge but how do I tell my clients that don't normally pay extra that they now have to? That's the difficult bit .
  8. tina

    CND Shellac pricing?

    I think I've been too generous, I've been applying glitters or additives at no extra charge!
  9. tina

    Best diary for home beauty room?

    Filofax do a day to day page infills, I use my iPad though now but I did love my filofax x
  10. tina

    New SalonGeek App

    When I press update on the Apps store it just takes me to SalonGeek and doesn't do anything?
  11. tina

    Calling all log cabin owners!

    They knock on my front door and I walk out with them down the side of the house to the back garden
  12. tina

    Olympia Beauty 2014!

    Mine says gold member as well, havnt got a clue what that means!!
  13. tina

    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    This will be my first winter in my log cabin. That's what I need to know would all my products freeze up- like my dsperse, shellac etc ?
  14. tina

    Log cabin/shed etc. salon set ups!

    Here's mine - only downfall is spiders!!!
  15. tina

    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    My log cabin has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, apart from the spiders I've spotted I love it !
  16. tina

    Dare you to press paste! No cheating!

    Hi Tina.. Sorry I didn't really have an opportunity to speak to you 1 on 1 today but I'd like to make a slight request.. Considering we are taking on more TCOs, would it be possible at all down the line I would be able to change back to crew A? Don't get me wrong I love crew B, it's just I was...
  17. tina

    Nail table

    Have you got a picture of the table you have from Ikea, I need one for my summerhouse?
  18. tina

    Retailing Vinylux

    I can't sell my Vinylux because my clients know they can get it off amazon for £5
  19. tina

    Megamix nails. Create your own gel polish colours with eyeshadows, nail polish

    Ok will do but can we buy megamix at the show or do I have to order online x
  20. tina

    Megamix nails. Create your own gel polish colours with eyeshadows, nail polish

    Is this going to be at the show Sunday?