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  1. ginalhaytonxx

    Hairdressing geeks in Barnsley?

    I'm looking for a new hair salon in barnsley & wondered if anyone knows of a good salon or owns their own in barnsley, thanks :)
  2. ginalhaytonxx

    Hairdressing geeks in Barnsley?

  3. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish tested on animals?

    Is this true that some of the stuff in it is tested on animals? X
  4. ginalhaytonxx

    Bruised nail

    How would you get rid of this bruise? Or would you just have to grow it out? & is there a chance that the nail will fall off? X
  5. ginalhaytonxx

    How long until you were busy?

    I've started renting a beauty room and was wondering how long it took others with a Beauty room to become busy when starting with no client base? I know it takes time & can depend on area etc x
  6. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish training certificate

    How long has it took for everyone else's certificate to arrive after completing the course? Thankssx
  7. ginalhaytonxx

    Building clientele

    What has everyone found the best way to bring in clients? I've just started renting a room in a hairdressers but things are really quiet at the min :/ I've done a big leaflet drop, offers etc! X
  8. ginalhaytonxx

    Hard skin removal?

    Which tool does everyone use to remove hard skin during a pedicure? & what works the best? Also do you do this step before or after soaking? X
  9. ginalhaytonxx

    Free treatments!

    I rent a beauty room in a hairdressers & to get a few more people interested in my treatments I was going to start offering free file & polishes for hair clients for a few weeks. Has anyone else done something like this & has it worked? X
  10. ginalhaytonxx

    Tinting grey brows

    Which colour would be best to use on grey brows? I don't want them to look too harsh so not sure what to use?
  11. ginalhaytonxx

    Lash tint not tinting bottom lashes?

    When I tint lashes the top ones go fine but the bottom ones don't seem to tint hardly at all! Why is this? They tint a little bit but not much?
  12. ginalhaytonxx

    Buff off gels vs L&P?

    What are the differences? I know they are applied in different ways but when advising clients which to have how would you decide which one to use??
  13. ginalhaytonxx

    Coloured or clear Gelish/Shellac for rockstar?!

    Do people put glitter over clear or over a colour matching the glitter? I find the glitter looks fine over clear but find that people charge more for rockstar so I was thinking people must use a colour then the glitter as well rather than just the glitter on its own?
  14. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish structure gel for extensions?

    Can the structure gel be used for extensions (with gelish over it) or is it only suitable for the natural nail??
  15. ginalhaytonxx

    Oil for waxing

    Can you use any oil under wax like grape seed oil? And can this also be used at the end to remove any residue or does it have to be a specific oil?
  16. ginalhaytonxx

    Pedicure bowls!

    I have a foot spa but would like a bowl like they use in the cnd spa pedi videos. I've seen some on ellisons I like but they're nearly £100! Does anyone know where I can get a nice bowl suitable for pedicures? Thanks :)
  17. ginalhaytonxx

    Nail Harmony not replying to emails?

    Does anyone else find they dont reply? They replied to one of my emails but not any others :s x
  18. ginalhaytonxx

    What could this be?

    I've started using the double wear foundation by estee lauder but at the same time I've been using kaesos skin care range & since using both these I've developed little pimples all over my face especially around my eyebrows, you can't see them only up really close but I can feel them, it's not...
  19. ginalhaytonxx

    Gelish hard gel

    Anyone used this & is it any good? Does it last well? Just ordered some but want to know other people opinions?also can it be cured by uv light or just led? X
  20. ginalhaytonxx

    Calgel peeling

    I have 2 clients who it doesn't last on but I don't know what else I can do to prevent this happening! I've tried it on myself and it lasted til it grew out & I tried clear overlays on my boyfriend lol as he's a mechanic and really heavy handed so I thought that would really test how long they...