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  1. tina

    Home salon expenses

    Hi, I will be filing my first tax return this year. I work from a log cabin in my garden and sometimes mobile. This is my 2nd income so don't do it full time. How can I work out what percentage I use for electricity to claim some of that expense back and can I claim for doing laundry - washing...
  2. tina

    Please help me choose a name!

    Hi I'm wanting to change my business name. It's currently Tina's BeautyBox These are the names I've short listed but need help choosing. What do you think? Beauty to a T All things Bella Beautaholic A-beauty-within A beauty and beyond Which do you like. I'm wanting to change my name because...
  3. tina

    Bio Sculpture instead of Shellac?

    So this is my dilemma, I had a client that had shellac every 2 weeks for about 1.5 yrs. then at beginning of December I done her nails as usual and they lifted off within a week. So the next time I tried brisa lite underneath and they only lasted 4 days. Normally she would maybe lose a couple...
  4. tina

    Shellac getting thinner?

    Hi I bought a new Tutti Frutti, I used it for the first time today and it was so thin. The first coat was almost transparent. Even my client who has worn this colour every 2 weeks for the last 2 years noticed. After 2 coats the colour was still a lot more transparent than normal. My client was...
  5. tina

    Which foot scrub?

    So for the last couple of years I've been using CND earth Pedicure products, my foot scrub is about to run out and it's out of stock on s2 then I have read that it's being discontinued. My clients really love how gritty it is, any suggestions from what any of you use . Much appreciated
  6. tina

    Lashes falling out

    I'm still new to semi permanent lashes, I only charge a quarter of what everyone does as I say it's just for me to get practice as I don't feel confident or good enough to charge full price. But the lashes I'm doing only seem to last a couple of days- I'm using lashes and glue from lash base...
  7. tina

    E-shop builder

    I'm still trying to create a pretty basic online shop for my clients . I currently use Moonfruit but find it quite restrictive in regards to being able to edit each product page with images and product information. Can anyone recommend a good e-shop website builder. Thanks
  8. tina

    Rimmel Salon Pro polish vs Vinylux?

    So I'm trying to promote Vinylux for retail , but all the girls at work (my main job) are harping on about their new Rimmel Salon Pro nail varnish - the one that's shines just like gel polish!!!! , how they have worn it for 5 days so far no chipping, no need for base coats, top coats etc... And...
  9. tina

    How can I compete with retail prices?

    Hi So I'm wanting to retail a certain brands products. I have their trade price list, by the time you add vat and postage it equals for example only £11, so for me to have a mark up I would need to sell at a higher price than that. But If I search the product online there are other beauty...
  10. tina

    Should I convert to Brisa Sculpting

    I never got much wear out of shellac as my nails can be very soft so when Brisa smoothing gel was released I was so pleased. Thing is although I can get just over a week before one chips I find that no matter how much I seal the edges with base, smoothing gel, colour and top coat, it seems that...
  11. tina

    RRP prices

    Hi The manicure range which I use I wish to start retailing some if their products. I've received their new catalogue and it shows what can be retailed but in the price list it only gives me the trade price. Is there a formula for working out a Mark up price. Thanks
  12. tina

    Bedfordshire Lash Geeks

    Hi I really want to get my lashing up to scratch because some of the sets I see on here are amazing. I'm in Luton and wonder if there are any geeks nearby that we could do each others lashes so that I can improve and be able to promote it to my clients. Hope to hear from someone!
  13. tina

    Online shop name

    Hi As I'm mobile I want to create a website where my clients and others can go online and purchase retail products, but I'm struggling to come up with a name. My current name is tinasbeautybox.com Any ideas for a good shop name, any that I think of are unavailable like myshop or beautyshop...
  14. tina

    Clients asking for discount after price increase!

    A couple of months ago I increased my prices. One of my clients cancelled an appointment then I get a call from her today asking how much my Hollywood waxing was, it has gone up £5 from the price she used to pay. It's a mum and daughter I do and she kept saying well what discount are you going...
  15. tina

    Additives - more time?

    I bought an additives set but havnt really had the chance to experiment much with them. I have created loads of different colours from layering but then my thought is I could create more colours or effects using the additives but it would obviously take more time To do a set of nails. Hence I...
  16. tina

    Wow - how to create these nails?

    I've just seen this picture on Facebook, it has over 3000 likes. It's amazing. Does anyone have any idea on how to create these.?
  17. tina

    How to clarify a standard bikini wax?

    One of my waxing offers is full leg and a standard bikini wax. So I get someone book for that and when we get to the bikini wax, I give them tissue To tuck into their knickers and they pull it in so they are almost getting a Brazilian. I Am in the process of re-doing my price lists with...
  18. tina

    Increasing prices

    Hi I have searched but can't seem to find a related topic. As of 1st October , I want to increase the Price of some of my treatments as after 2 years of being mobile I have noticed some treatments are not as worthwhile as others, So for example one treatment that takes me 1 hour I would...
  19. tina

    Minx would not stick

    Hi all I had a nightmare day with Minx yesterday, I was doing minx on daughters nails - no problem. The mum had a luxury pedicure with paraffin wax then I proceeded with the Minx. It was one of the Marian Newman collection- a metallic one - the big toes stuck down ok but the edges wouldn't...
  20. tina

    Ecommerce website builder

    So I started using moon fruit but then I realised I was capped at 50 products before upgrading to paying £15 a month. I have now found a site called Create.net Just wondered what everyone else uses, I need to be able to add a few items as just my make-up is well over 50. I don't want to spend...