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  1. mikala-nails

    Any idea where to find these?

    Hiya,does anyone know where I can find these silver shapes from or what they're even called? I can only find small gold/silver circles ☹️ Thank you xxxx
  2. mikala-nails

    New to lashes

    Started my course today and done my first set of semi permanent lashes...Can't wait to some fuller sets [emoji87][emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  3. mikala-nails

    Nail breakages

    Hiyaa, So I very rarely get nail repairs as clients nails seem to stay on,but when I do get a nail repair my clients have either really badly broken the nail along with their own nail and the other week one of my clients got her nail trapped in her dogs lead and her natural nail come off with...
  4. mikala-nails

    Help, personalised board

    Hiya girls, Could anyone tell me where I can get a personalised board that I can use for the back of my nail pictures? I don't even know what they're called to find one [emoji23] Thank you in advance [emoji173]️️ xxx
  5. mikala-nails

    Bad nail breakage

    Hiya, One of my clients has text me to say she bashed one of her nails while at V and said she thinks her natural nail is coming off with it as she said its wobbling [emoji85] She's coming in on Thursday for a removal,should I just file it really thin and wrap it? I don't think I'd be able to...
  6. mikala-nails

    Pixie Swarovski's

    Hiya, A lot of my clients have been getting the pixie Swarovski's and two have messages to say they're coming off! I've been applying young nails builder gel,tipping them on,patting them down then curing then go round the free edge! How does everyone else apply them and have you had any problems?
  7. mikala-nails

    Nail chairs

    Hiya, Does anyone know which chairs/stools are best for nail tech's? I'm suffering with my back at the moment so need one that I can hold my posture right on ha! If anyone has one that they'd recommend I'd be very greatful. Thank you xxxx
  8. mikala-nails

    What would you do?

    I don't offer gel/shellac on natural nails as I just do acrylics with overlays with Swarovski's ect as that all my clients want. I had a girl book in the beginning of June for a full setif acrylics,she paid her £15.00 deposit but has now messaged me saying she doesn't want acrylics and just...
  9. mikala-nails

    Swarovski pixie crystals question

    Hiyaa, Quick question,I've watched how to apply the crystals over hard gel on a plain acrylic nail but just wanted to know how you apply over shellac/gel colour? Help haha Thanks in advance xxx
  10. mikala-nails

    Would this work?

    Hiya, I use Young Nails and they don't supply a nude acrylic. I've just seen Nunis Torres post that he crushes makeup powder and mixes it into clear acrylic and this was his result [emoji15] Would this work? Has anyone tried it? I'd be gutted to waste a good makeup and acrylic if it never haha xx
  11. mikala-nails

    Larger nail charms

    Just a quick question..how do you all prefer to apply your larger nail charms? I've tried acrylic,glue and hard gel and everyone's so different..some come back with them still on after 3 weeks and some lose them after a few days?! Xx
  12. mikala-nails

    Stressed with nail breaker

    Hiya ,I get fully booked up and need atleast 3 weeks notice for an app! I work back to back (no breaks) and all my sets take 2hours as I do a lot of nail art/Swarovski's so I book out 2hours for everyone,anyway I have a client who never looks after her nails and breaks them within days of being...
  13. mikala-nails

    Large nail gems cracking nail

    Hiya, I use Swarovski's a lot when doing acrylics so I got some large nail gems and my client was made up with her nails yesterday but has messaged me today to say one of her nails has cracked under the gem.. I applied it with a small blob of acrylic as the gem was quite large and glue wouldn't...
  14. mikala-nails

    Can I pick your brains please

    Hiya does anyone have any tips on how to get shellac/gel off from inside the lamp? I have the LED CND lamp and so many clients knock their nails on the side and as they don't tell me it cures on the edges? just can't get it off its so annoying haha xx
  15. mikala-nails

    Finally done Ombré's

    Sorry but I just had to share how excited I am... I've been watching videos on YouTube of how to do ombré nails so I've given it a go.. I loveeee them, not perfect but I think they're so pretty!!
  16. mikala-nails

    Time of year

    Hiya, Just wondering if anyone else is quiet for nails at the minute? I've only been doing nails since March and I was due to start in a shop tomorrow but all clients have cancelled so I'm having to start on Saturday which I only gave 2 people in? (only working 2-6pm) Gutted as I was looking...
  17. mikala-nails

    Quick Shellac question

    Hiya, Anyone got any tips for one of my clients, I did a set of shellac on her last week and she said she had a spray tan over the weekend which has stained over her nails! Anyone no a way she can get it off herself without having to come back to me? Thanks in advance xxx
  18. mikala-nails

    Can anyone help?

    Hiya.. Does anyone no where I can get these stencils/pictures for nails? How amazing?
  19. mikala-nails

    Was I ripped off?

    Hiya, I trained in a shop using NSI back in March, when I got my certificate sent out to me it was just the name of the shop I trained in with my name and 'acrylic Application' written on (In very scruffy writing may I add) Back in March I didn't know much about nails as I was just starting...
  20. mikala-nails

    Young Nails training

    I started my Young Nails refresher course and OMG it's amazing..I've never been able to sculpt and do pink and whites but doing it the Youngs way is amazing! Thought I would share a pic :)