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  1. attitude

    How to ask for help/gel and acrylic

    Thought it might be helpful to do what the hair forum has done and hopefully save everyone some time. Here are some questions experienced techs are going to ask you if you are looking for help concerning your overlays, extensions or gel polish: 1. Are you training or have you qualified -...
  2. attitude

    Saving for next Christmas

    Hi all. Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone else might find it helpful. I saw a Facebook post about buying gift cards year round to give for next Christmas, or alternatively to use to buy your presents next year. So I've been doing this since Christmas. Each time I go to the drug...
  3. attitude

    Fuming-marketing scheme rep

    My salon just had a cold call drop in from a marketing rep. The gist was she will sell approximately $300-400 of my services for the princely sum of $58. She will do this in person by going to local businesses and offering the employees this coupon. All I pay is a dollar! And I get to do...
  4. attitude

    What would you have done?

    Had an inquiry today from a mom wanting a FULL mani and pedi for her children aged 3 and 5. She refused just polish, and as I was uncomfortable with it for many reasons I referred her to another tech. Would you have done the services?
  5. attitude

    Hollywood wax and labia

    Hi. Hoping for some advanced advice. I am Hollywood trained and don't get much call for them, but I generally feel confident when I do one. However yesterday I had a new client and had trouble with the outer labia. It was very long and too stretchy if that makes sense. No matter what way I...
  6. attitude

    Need advice-nails coming off

    This is going to be long, so apologies in advance. I have been doing nails since 2008. I did a lady a set of Brisa Lite sculpts on forms, followed by Shellac about 2.5 weeks ago. After a week, she texted and said 5 came off. I got her to send me a pic and some looked as if the Shellac had...
  7. attitude

    Help with nail art please

    Hi. I am hoping some of you will take pity on me. I've been a licensed aesthetician doing nails for years, however I recently moved. Where I came from, nobody wanted nail art. Where I am now, they all want it. I am not artistic at all and I am a visual person, so can you please help by...
  8. attitude

    Renting per day-questions

    Hi all. I have an opportunity to rent a space in a new salon. However, the rent is per day. I have rented on a percentage and on a flat monthly rate only so I am confused by the per day bit. It that for each day the salon is open, or each day of the month (30/31) or what? The rent seems...
  9. attitude

    Fine, thin hair help

    Hi All I am popping over from nails to ask you experienced stylists for help. I have baby fine hair, and it always has been, but it's also thinning in my middle-age. I have searched high and low for good advice on what sort of cut I should have. I am tired of chasing stylists and their...
  10. attitude

    Unique Opportunity

    I apologize in advance for such a lengthy post. I need some advice. This business opportunity came at me out of no where today and my head is spinning. Some background: I am a licensed aesthetician and also do nails/gels etc. I only worked one year at this, renting my room at 2 different...