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  1. Kim@Talontastic

    Anybody on here joined Facebook?

    I'm on too - Kimberley Ives, pic is me sunbathing with a bottle of stella...lol. Not sure how to find people but feel free to add me xx
  2. Kim@Talontastic

    Free NSI gift when you subscribe to scratch

    I got my nsi gift last week and it is fab - just trying to find time when i can sit and watch the dvd.
  3. Kim@Talontastic

    Who fancies a North geek meet?

    Ooo I'd be up for that. Showcase oe Escape both easy to get too. Count me in x
  4. Kim@Talontastic

    Well done hun the wedding nails are amazing x

    Well done hun the wedding nails are amazing x
  5. Kim@Talontastic

    My Nails from Birmingham comp..

    Well done in all the event all the nails ae amazing - going to keep trying and hopefully one day i'll be as good as that. Well done x
  6. Kim@Talontastic

    Comment by 'Kim@Talontastic' in media 'birmingham 2008 salon nail art challenge 3rd place'

    Wow - thet are really pretty hun - well done x
  7. Kim@Talontastic

    So excited about getting my new book

    Think i Might have to invest in this it sounds great. Although I do love my Encyclopedia of nails and nailclass. I can sit and read them all day everyday - I learn more each time I pick them up. Happy Reading xxx
  8. Kim@Talontastic

    Hi Hun Hadn't realised you lived in Burnley, we'll have meet up and have a Geek meet of our own. x

    Hi Hun Hadn't realised you lived in Burnley, we'll have meet up and have a Geek meet of our own. x
  9. Kim@Talontastic

    Free NSI gift when you subscribe to scratch

    I renewed my subscription in March does that mean I get the nsi goodies or is it just for new subscribers?
  10. Kim@Talontastic

    so poor!

    I always swore I'd never get a credit card but just before Christmas I gave in. I was poor and wanted to not have to worry about Christmas presents. So I got a card for £400. Everyone got nice Christmas presents and I felt good. There was still £150 left and over the last few months that's been...
  11. Kim@Talontastic

    Natalie Cassidy

    I've got both Natalie Cassidy's dvd and Vicky Binns but never actualy finished either of them. I've started them and usually watched the end with a glass of wine and my feet up. Ooops. I have taken up swimming though twice a week and I aim to do half a mile each time which is starting to...
  12. Kim@Talontastic

    History of Nail Enhancements..Can anybody help please?

    I've looked through all my text books to see what I could find and there is nothing I'm afraid. I'll look through my college file tomorrow at work and see if there is anything useful in there. I'd be really interested to see your findings though, it's such a good project. Good Luck
  13. Kim@Talontastic

    my partners nail didnt budge lol

    When I was training my wonderful boyfriend came to my college as my model for a male pedicure. We'd all brought boyfriends and dads in for that night and at the end they all had blood red toe nails after Iain volunteered first. The best bit was 2 days later he was going to work in Andorra...
  14. Kim@Talontastic

    petrol and price of living

    I've just been on uswitch and sorted all my gas and electric problems out so that's worth a look. Only takes 5 minutes and is worth it if it's going to save us all money. Got a fab deal with eon. Check it out. Can't wait til September when I'm 25 and hopefully my car insurance will reduce a bit
  15. Kim@Talontastic

    Wanna check out my new tiny 'Nail Bar' ??

    Wow well done that is lovely. You must be so proud of it. Good luck xxx:)
  16. Kim@Talontastic

    Tracing your Family Tree????

    Just wondered if any of you out there had ever traced your family tree. I've just spent the afternoon with my nana and her sister. They've not seen each other for 7 years and I was amazed at how big my family actually is - even my nana was suprised. After my "great" aunt(?!?) had gone we were...
  17. Kim@Talontastic

    petrol and price of living

    I no just how you all feel. I work 50 hours a week in my day job plus do nails on an evening and still only have around 200 pounds a month for fod petrol and me. I live on my own and have dne fr 5 years and I've never been so skint. I've just had my gas and electric bill which I used to pay...
  18. Kim@Talontastic

    Top 10 OPI colours

    I love them all but at the moment I've got Lincoln Park at Midnight on both fingers and toes. I just went to sallys and had a look - my first one was ladies and magenta men and it holds a special place in my heart. xx
  19. Kim@Talontastic

    Which Hair Straighteners?

    I loved my ghds unfortunately they broke 2 days before I was going to work in greece 2.5 years ago. no time to send them back I went into Sallys and was speaking to the lady in there - she recommended FHI's. I've never looked back I love them. They have a temperature gauge and even better they...