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  1. CeCePopp

    Sculpting gel

    Can anyone recommend any sculpting gel brands? At the moment I only have my kit from sally's but I've been looking to try something new Thanks in advance x
  2. CeCePopp

    Practice hand

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a practice had I can use for gel extensions. I've been looking on ebay and amazon but Im over thinking It regarding removal, if they'll be sturdy enough for gel extensions and nail replacement etc and getting myself confused. Any help or suggestion...
  3. CeCePopp

    Home salon pricing

    I'm currently still in the practicing stage after my gel extension training. I just wondered what people charge for their services at a home salon or mobile based. The course tutor touched upon pricing but more for salon based. Things like Gel extensions Gel extensions with gel polish Gel...
  4. CeCePopp

    Plus size tunic/work wear

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a plus size black tunic?
  5. CeCePopp

    Bag/case for my new gel nail kit

    So I've got my kit for a gel extensions course that I am doing next week. I recently bought a vanity box/case with pull out compartments but it isn't big enough for everything. Im just worrying about what I will transport my kit in. It sounds silly but I don't want to just turn up with it all...
  6. CeCePopp

    Practicing with kit before course?

    Im booked on a beginners gel nail extension course with sally's in May. I have already received my kit and I'm dying to try it out. I just wondered are the course tutors likely to be unhappy if I had opened my kit and had a go already?
  7. CeCePopp

    Home nail salon

    I'm currently waiting to do my hard gel extensions course and then a gellux course afterwards. My main goal is to set up a home salon once I am Practiced enough. My question is would I struggle to gain clients starting straight away as home based? Would I be better off mobiling first and...