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    Hair colour help please?

    Anyone any idea a colour that’s close to this please .... permanent then semi over it possibly ??
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    What r everyones favourite toners to use ..... I’m adding warmth to an ash base 10. TIA
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    Majirel high lift query

    Just wondered if anyone has used the majirel high lift neutral and your thoughts on it please? I’m after a really light blonde ... not warm.. not ash .. just nice and light. Wil b goin on base 8/9. Would b grateful for any feedback please , thank u.
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    Colour advice

    Bit of advice please. Client use to have KP 12.1. Then had bleach to go silver... had few times now decided to go back blonde coz of ‘upkeep’ of silver. Before decided to go back blonde used an ash on roots thinking mite blend to the ash mid lengths and ends ?? But roots too warm compared to...