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  1. dandelionpoppy

    Judging a book by the cover, or a product by its packaging

    When it comes to selecting a product for your own use, or a range for your business, how much are you influenced by the packaging? I think, perhaps, more than you realise. What are your thoughts?
  2. dandelionpoppy

    Reiki training - your experiences of it?

    May I ask if you found your training to be a positive experience, both from the quality and enjoyment of it, and also as a popular therapy for clients? Thanks for reading.
  3. dandelionpoppy

    Greenhouse Therapies, Chester?

    May I ask if anyone has any experience of training here? Thanks for reading.
  4. dandelionpoppy

    Cheap or Chic?

    Do you have any friends who always look fabulous, and when you admire what they're wearing they say, "Oh, it was £10 in the sale"? I, on the other hand, can make even semi-expensive things look cheap! And cheap clothes look like dish-rags. Sigh.
  5. dandelionpoppy

    Woo-hoo! BIG anniversary today!

    Met when 6 years of age. Started going out at 14. Engaged at 17. Married at 22. Ruby (40th) Anniversary today. Do you think it will last? :biggrin:
  6. dandelionpoppy

    Hair help needed by fellow Geek! ASAP

    Since my avatar, last summer, my hair has grown to chin length. Going to have cut/colour done tomorrow. At the mo I think it looks ageing and unkempt, but not in a good way. Daughter says carry on growing it, hubby says cut it, I think cut it. Any ideas welcome. (I have a wedding in...
  7. dandelionpoppy

    Do you have any tips on choosing an estate agent?

    I am shortly putting a residential property on the market. I would be really grateful for any advice you have on how to choose an agent. Many thanks in advance!
  8. dandelionpoppy

    Reasons to be cheerful...

    List 3 things that have made you cheerful today. Here are mine: I spent half an hour just sitting in the garden, watching the birds, squirrels and Elsie the wonderdog. (OK, I also had the first Pimms of the season) I re-assembled some garden furniture correctly. I met an old school friend...
  9. dandelionpoppy

    Glitter tattoos for children-advice please

    This is for my granddaughter's 7th birthday party. I've just been asked to provide some pamper, princessy treatments. I'm fine with mini mani or mini pedi, but would also like to do some glitter tattoos- which I have never done before. On researching I see I could go down the stencil or...
  10. dandelionpoppy

    Guess what I was buying...

    I set off yesterday to make a considered purchase. My purchase is going to have to last for several years. I had researched types, modifications, price, suitability for my purpose. The sales technique involved starting with the price shown, a colleague joining in and giving support to the...
  11. dandelionpoppy

    What does loyalty to a brand mean to you?

    For me, it means having faith and trust in the brand I use on a professional basis, but also keeping an eye on what's out there and trying new products on myself. What do you think?
  12. dandelionpoppy

    Are voluntary contributions vital for our society to thrive?

    I wonder whether we could still exist without financial contributions to charities, or volunteer workers? I remember being so shocked when I learned that hospices rely on charity to survive. How can that be acceptable, when so much money is wasted on non-essential projects? Medical research...
  13. dandelionpoppy

    How did you spend your day?

    I spent mine taking my 99 year old Mum to hospital to have a cataract operation. It ended up as an all day stay, during which time I read my Kindle - Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep" :eek:- and having my fringe cut......there was a hairdresser's in reception! Mum did really well, but found it all a...
  14. dandelionpoppy

    Who dares wins....

    ......I thought for too long, and missed out on tickets for Prince at Manchester Academy. :cry:
  15. dandelionpoppy

    A Happy Birthday to the lovely Rinn!

    21 again:Love:
  16. dandelionpoppy

    My bargain

    £19.50 reduced from £99! Navy with glimmery (not mega-glittery)sequins. Very soft, not scratchy.
  17. dandelionpoppy

    Why SG is a lovely place to be

    Yes, the professional forums are invaluable sources of help from skilled and experienced professionals. Can I especially dedicate this thread however, as it's in Chit-chat, to the lovely souls I've "met" on here? Warm, kind, wise individuals who I feel have become real friends.
  18. dandelionpoppy

    When is it wrong to keep quiet? Debate.

    I've been reading a thread on bullying, and it made me think about a wider issue. Let's take the example of a sexual assault. Does the victim have a moral obligation to report it,and protect other potential victims, or does he/she have the right to choose to keep it quiet and carry on with...
  19. dandelionpoppy

    Of course I don't watch Benidorm!

    Well actually I do.....and it gets worse. My "favourite" characters are Donald and Jackie; they are so wonderfully crass and bizarre. I cringe and laugh at the same time! Is anybody else in the confessional mood?